Business Intelligence Module Seminar: ESSEC Global BBA students tackle the realities of business and management

Business Intelligence Module Seminar: ESSEC Global BBA students tackle the realities of business and management

From the 24th to 26th September, ESSEC Business School organised the ‘Business Intelligence Module’ for the 500 first-year students of the Global BBA programme. Over 3 days, they were able to meet with and listen to, face-to-face and via videoconferencing, entrepreneurs, managers and professors across the various ESSEC campuses. Midori Toya, student at Cergy, and Tanguy Giblas, student at Singapore, tell us about the experience.

What did the BIM seminar consist of?

Midori Toya: It consisted of learning about business through real voices from the business field, and applying what we learnt to real situations. Not only were the lectures from different angles of business – entrepreneurship, management, professors – enriching, the workshops that took place after those lectures allowed us to actually use the knowledge gained through lectures, and deepened our understanding of the world of business and management.

Tanguy Giblas: It was a three-day module where students are exposed to various lecturers from various backgrounds. It gave us a better understanding of the company, the role of certain people, what Business is in itself, the different types of business model, and to be in contact with experts who know their field and the ‘tricks of the trade’. BiM students had to carry out assignments, both alone and in teams – and that really helped us strengthen our capacity to work as a group.

What did it bring you on a personal level?

Midori: What I learned was actually to "keep learning". All the lecturers we had were very successful in their own professional career. However, they all told us that they still continue to learn every day, just like us the students. Not only learning to gain knowledge and develop your skills, but also learning who you really are and find your own way, your passion and your aspirations is the key to be successful in both your professional and personal life.

Tanguy: I was able to understand what exactly Business means, and take in the testimonials of those who are themselves at the heart of their businesses. Moreover, the video we had to produce for the assignment on the second day of the seminar enabled me get closer to my fellow students and know them better.   

What was the most important moment for you?

Midori: There is one phrase from a lecture on management that I will never forget; "Before you can manage others, you have to know how to manage yourself (Prof. Hamid Bouchikhi)." Managing yourself means accepting your weaknesses and embracing your strengths, which is the crucial thing in today's professional field, where you work with people with different values and cultures.

Tanguy: On a personal level, I think the most striking moment was when the award for the best video was given on the Singapore campus. But in general, I really appreciated the presentation given by Henri Bong, entrepreneur and CEO – former student at ESSEC – who provided us with priceless advice and who made us understand that business wasn’t only a question of money, but very much more.

What do you think of the multi-campus format?

Midori: Absolutely exciting! It is fascinating to see students from the other side of the world, studying together, exchanging opinions in real time. It is definitely a positive aspect of globalization. I would love to have more classes with students from other campuses. Sharing the same moments with people in different parts of the world made me fully aware of the cultural differences and expanded my perspective when learning.

Tanguy: I found it really interesting. It enable us to see our fellow students in Cergy, and, in my opinion, brought a different touch in comparison with a normal class. We had the opportunity to take part in presentations that took place in France and, inversely, in Singapore. It also strengthened the team spirit of the BBA students across the two campuses!

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