Daewon Kim, CEO Samsung France, inaugurated the new "ESSEC K-Lab by Samsung"

Daewon Kim, CEO Samsung France, inaugurated the new "ESSEC K-Lab by Samsung"

As part of the renewal of their partnership launched in 2014, ESSEC Business School and Samsung inaugurated the new renovated and modernized space: ESSEC K-Lab by Samsung. Designed as an innovative space and equipped with the latest technologies developed by the South Korean company, the space is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge and the experience of new academic uses.

At the heart of the Cergy campus, the K-Lab is a place of production of content and knowledge sharing opened to the entire community: students, teachers, staff, alumni and business partners. As a space of creativity, sharing and learning, the K-Lab allows everyone to meet the expertise of ESSEC, to test, develop and model new ideas.

Digital technology requires a rethinking of pedagogical practices, so the campus becomes the place for increased learning where the student participates in multiple academic experiences. The "K-lab by Samsung" is the core of our innovative initiatives by promoting collaborative approaches and learning-by-doing pedagogy.

With Samsung's state-of-the-art open access technology, students can create, experiment, share, and bring their projects to life collaboratively.

The K-lab by Samsung is a central device in the pedagogical singularity at ESSEC: it allows future entrepreneurs but also the 136 student associations of ESSEC to combine knowledge and know-how.

Designed as an experimental research laboratory, this space also allows the creation of video content for MOOCs and e-learning, and the provision of 3D modeling and printing tools. Expert workshops (pedagogical engineers, video editors, case writers, professors ...) and events related to pedagogy or research are constantly run in the K-Lab. It offers students a unique academic experience.

"We are excited about the renewal of this successful partnership with Samsung with whom we have been working for many years. We share common values ​​and ideas regarding the dissemination of knowledge through tools corresponding to the new pedagogical uses that we wish to see expanded in the academic world," said Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, Dean of ESSEC Business School.

In concluding this new partnership, Samsung is committed to equip ESSEC and in particular its K-Lab for the next 3 years: Samsung FLIP digital paperboards, monitors, Galaxy Tab S3 tablets, VR virtual reality headsets and Galaxy S9 phones.

In order to showcase these cutting-edge products, Samsung has also participated in the modernization of the K-Lab spaces which was inaugurated in Cergy in December 2014.

"It is with great pride that we are renewing our partnership with ESSEC today through a completely redesigned and re-equipped K-Lab, which will offer thousands of people (more than 300,000 users in 2017) an innovative collaborative experience. By joining forces with ESSEC, Samsung is demonstrating its commitment to sustainable enrolment in teaching excellence by contributing to the professional success of the greatest number of people. This partnership perfectly illustrates our DNA: the accessibility of our products to everyone, "says Olivier Oger, Director of Human Resources and Internal Communication of Samsung France.

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