ESSEC Asia Pacific hosts its first edition of TEDxESSECAsiaPacific, “Step In!”

ESSEC Asia Pacific hosts its first edition of TEDxESSECAsiaPacific, “Step In!”

On Thursday, June 6, ESSEC Asia Pacific hosted its first edition of TEDxESSECAsiaPacific.  The event, organized in collaboration with the ESSEC Initiatives student association, revolved around the theme, “Step In!” and welcomed eight speakers that are taking risks in education, environment, health, social engagement and youth.

During the event, the eight speakers, from a variety of backgrounds, each spoke about their unique journeys and how they were each able to “Step In!” by taking risks, making the first step, getting involved and driving change. The eight speakers were:

  • Teo Yee Ming: former design engineer who switched to mathematics, design and technology teaching
  • Cheryl Chong: co-creator of The Social Co platform
  • Stefano Savi: director of GPSNR, a for profit organization grouping large companies around the issue of rubber sustainability
  • Noor Mastura: founder of Back2Basics, an organization which distributes Halal food
  • Mikael Hartman: surgeon and professor at NUS known for his motorcycle trip from Singapore to Sweden in the name of breast cancer research and education
  • Jonathan Kwan:  an experienced career coach, management consultant, and external career advisor for the world’s top business schools
  • Jaire Remy: model, actor, fashion designer, stylist and lecturer 
  • Cintia Kulzer Sacilotto: PhD in International Development and Co-Founder & CEO of Milky.Chat

TEDx was created in the spirit of TED's miss ion, "ideas worth spreading." It supports independent organizers who want to create a TED-like event in their own community and therefore stimulate debate and dialogue on a local level.

 The first edition of TEDxESSECAsiaPacific welcomed an audience of 100 students and corporate partners.

Take a look at the videos and photos from TEDxESSECAsiaPacific.

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