ESSEC Business School renews its Global BBA program

ESSEC Business School renews its Global BBA program

True to its tradition of innovation and the pioneering spirit that it has embodied since its creation, ESSEC Business School’s Global BBA program will evolve in September 2017. The program has been redesigned to better meet students' expectations and aspirations, to develop their talent and to transform them into responsible and committed professionals capable of anticipating and coping with the many challenges of our time.  The program will incorporate new courses; a curriculum oriented more towards entrepreneurship, digital technology and the humanities; and more inter-campus mobility.

ESSEC’s Global BBA, a four-year internationally-oriented program, is one of the top ranked Bachelor’s programs.  As a selective and demanding program, the Global BBA attracts many students from France and around the world by offering a comprehensive academic curriculum, 10 – 16 months of professional experience and at least six months of international exposure.  The program welcomes talented, young individuals who are motivated by the desire to quickly understand the issues companies face and to engage in international experiences.  The Global BBA, available on the Cergy, Singapore and Morocco campuses, aims to transform its students into responsible professionals and socially committed global citizens.

In order to enable students to better meet the challenges of an ever-changing world, ESSEC’s Global BBA program will evolve in September 2017. This evolution, which comes in response to the rapid growth of the program, capitalizes on ESSEC’s multi-campus offer and promotes the integration of digital technology in the program’s teaching methods.  The redesigned program will offer an educational model that incorporates disciplines other than management, thus giving students the necessary skills and a global intelligence to face the challenges of the future.

“The strengths that make us one of the leading international Bachelor’s programs have been reinforced in order to keep up with the changes happening in our rapidly evolving world. We felt that it was essential to provide our students with the keys to becoming the creative and open-minded leaders that are needed in today’s business ecosystem more than ever.” explains Hugues Levecq, Director of the Global BBA program.

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