ESSEC hosts first edition of TEDxESSECBusinessSchool, “Taking Off”

ESSEC hosts first edition of TEDxESSECBusinessSchool,  “Taking Off”

On Wednesday, May 3, ESSEC Business School hosted the first edition of the TEDxESSECBusinessSchool.  The event was organized by the ESSEC Initiatives student association and revolved around the theme, “Taking off.” During the event, nine speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds spoke about their individual, unique journeys for an audience of 100 attendees.

ESSEC’s mission is perfectly aligned with that of TED; both institutions are committed to promoting the dissemination of knowledge.  TEDx was created in the spirit of TED's mission, "ideas worth spreading." It supports independent organizers who want to create a TED-like event in their own community and therefore stimulate debate and dialogue on a local level. With more than 10,000 conferences in 167 countries, TEDx has transmitted inspiring initiatives and testimonies throughout the world which are all made visible on YouTube. 

For the first time, ESSEC, together with the student association ESSEC Initiatives, organized a TEDx conference on the Cergy campus in order to bring the TEDx experience to the ESSEC community - students, professors and staff - but also to the general public.

Bringing together a panel of nine speakers, the conference revolved around the theme of "Taking off."  For 10 minutes each, the speakers were able to share their vision and expertise, but they also succeeded in inspiring the audience and generating excitement around their disciplines.

Take a look at all of the videos from TEDxESSECBusinessSchool.

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