Imagination Week Global BBA reflects about the "new frontiers"

Imagination Week Global BBA reflects about the "new frontiers"

The iMagination Week welcomed the 420 third year students of the Global BBA from August 26 to 30. This week dedicated to imagination, creativity and transdisciplinarity allowed students to directly practice creative methods, to work in groups and to attend numerous conferences given by inspiring speakers. 

This is an important moment in the academic cursus of third year students of theESSEC Global BBA program. Back from their summer break, they took part in a week dedicated to imagination, creativity and transdisciplinarity, on the theme of “new frontiers". The iMagination Week allows them to take on new heights and experience transdisciplinarity, to inspire them and stimulate their imagination.

Gathered in teams, they had to work on a group project, based on DesignThinking-iMagination methods. Throughout the week, under the patronage of Romain Pilliard, sailboat skipper, entrepreneur and alumnus of the program, many strong personalities with unique backgrounds also came to share their experiences with them: 

- René Frydman, Professor of Medicine - artificial procreation specialist, "father" of the first test-tube baby Amandine.

- Pierre-Marie Lledo, Neurobiologist, Director of the Department of Neurosciences of the Pasteur Institute and Research Director at the CNRS.

- Dominique Reynié, Political Scientist, Professor at Sciences-Po Paris and Director of the Foundation for Political Innovation

- Eric Fottorino, Journalist and writer, former Director of "Le Monde" and co-founder of Le1Hebdo and the quarterly magazine "Zadig"

- Vincent Callebaut, Pioneering eco-responsible architect 

- Virginie Mixe, Associate Founder of Minus Farm, a micro-farm breeding and selling edible insects

- Combo, Street-artist activist in residence


"The DesignThinking-iMagination method that we reviewed last year worked well and it is important to highlight it because it allowed a strong commitment from the students, explains Professor Xavier Pavie, Professor at ESSEC and Director of the iMagination Centre. The conferences were certainly of great quality with exceptional speakers. However, for our part, the most important aspect is the pedagogical one, which is carried out between each conference, during the workshops with the tutors. This is demonstrated by the high quality of the work presented by the students during the restitution in the plenary room on Friday afternoon. Let us note once again that the conferences and the themes worked on by the students emphasize the values of ESSEC, also thanks to the theme of the year:the new frontiers, with which students are confronted. This has highlighted migration and climate issues, the responsibility we all bear and the need to find innovative responses. » 

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