Let's celebrate with the ESSEC Foundation 110 years of humanism and philanthropy at ESSEC!

Let's celebrate with the ESSEC Foundation 110 years of humanism and philanthropy at ESSEC!


“In the beginning, there was the Economic Institute ... "

Since 1907, donors have played an essential role in promoting the development and outreach of the ESSEC Business School. In the past, and even more so today, why support the school, whatever the donation amount? What projects need support to encourage and maintain the pioneering spirit of the School? Donors, project managers, professors, and scholarship beneficiaries all come together in this brochure to share their inspiring stories, made a reality thanks to the donors’ commitment since 2011.

The ESSEC Foundation: an inspiring story since 2011:

The ESSEC Foundation, created in 2011 on the initiative of Gilles Pélisson (E79), Jean Arvis (E74), Yves Dubief (E81) and Jean-Philippe Chomette (E86), today brings together over 2000 donors and is at the heart of a strong and united ESSEC community that meets regularly in France and abroad (Scholarship award ceremony, Foundation Faculty Awards, Donor Wall inauguration, etc.).

The 2nd semester 2017 fundraising campaign is now launched in favor of:

  • the Scholarship Program for ESSEC students (260 scholarships awarded per year)

  • academic development and excellence  (Faculty members presented with a Foundation Award, International development through new campuses)

  • the development of an endowment fund to reinforce ESSEC’s investment capacity and its ability to fulfill its ambitions (ensuring ESSEC’s sustainability)

  • the School’s priority projects (new teaching methods, digital programs, innovative learning methods….) 

The commitment of each donor enables the ESSEC Foundation to act in favor of ESSEC’s development. Thank you to each and every donor.

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