Roundtable on The Future of Work - Balance between Meritocracy and Inclusion

Roundtable on The Future of Work - Balance between Meritocracy and Inclusion

Join us for a Roundtable Discussion on "The Future of Work - Balance between Meritocracy and Inclusion" on Thursday, 23 March 2017, at ESSEC Asia-Pacific. 

The Roundtable will be moderated by Prof. Cedomir Nestorovic, Professor of International Marketing and Geopolitics at ESSEC Business School and Program Director of the ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA Asia-Pacific together with Prof. Aarti Ramaswami, Associate Professor in the Department of Management at ESSEC Business School and Academic Director of the Global MBA program. 

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Ability, motivation, and opportunity are usually regarded as the cornerstones for employee , organizational, and societal productivity and prosperity. Most descriptions of meritocracy characterize it as a system dedicated to the advancement of those with ability and achievement. Inclusion, on the other hand, captures the sentiments underlying providing opportunity for those who have been historically or otherwise marginalized to display their ability and motivation. Given the changing nature of work and the increasing number of expatriates and immigrants around the world, winning the so-called war for talent hinges on the ability of organizations and societies at large to negotiate the delicate balance between meritocratic and inclusive systems.

In this roundtable, we raise questions and exchange perspectives with experts around achieving this delicate balance as we continue to live in an increasingly diverse society.

This event will also be an opportunity for you to learn more about ESSEC's cutting-edge approach to business education through the Global and Executive MBA programs offered in Singapore.

Event Details

Date and Time: Thursday, 23 March 2017 | 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Registration begins at 6:30pm

Venue: ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific, 5 Nepal Park, Singapore 139408

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