The University of Paris Seine and the University of Warwick announce an academic alliance

The University of Paris Seine and the University of Warwick announce an academic alliance

At a time when Brexit brings uncertainty over the academic relations between British higher education institutions and their European partners, in February 2017 the University of Paris Seine launched a call for proposal to British universities. The invitation offered the opportunity for higher education institutions in the UK to participate in the establishment of the future University of Paris Seine International Campus within the framework of an academic and scientific partnership.

As a result of this Call for Proposal, the University of Warwick became the privileged partner of the University of Paris Seine to establish a fruitful and long-term cooperation.

The University of Warwick’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stuart Croft  said: “I am delighted that Warwick has today formed this significant new partnership with  the University Paris Seine. Europe wide research and teaching collaboration has helped transform the lives not just of students and researchers, it has underpinned jobs, and spurred innovation and advances in health, manufacturing, culture and so much more. Politicians in and out of office in every country in Europe are still deliberating how the UK can still be part of that in future but we can’t afford simply to wait for that to be fully resolved. We chose to act now not just to show our commitment to work together in future but to begin working on a range of activities’ that delivers on that commitment. “

The purpose of this alliance is to shape strong relations and cooperation through specific well-defined actions, strengthen mutual understanding, promote academic and research development, and support linkage and sustainable productive academic collaboration and exchange between faculties, divisions, departments, centres, units, staff and students.

 “This is a real opportunity for us to create new partnerships in cutting edge areas of research, as well as set up new teaching programmes based on a combination of strong academic skills and soft skills. This key partnership is important in the pursuit of academic excellence and will provide optimal benefit for the partners through academic and research development and support programmes.” states François Germinet, President of the University of Paris Seine.

4 academic fields especially relevant as areas of collaboration in both research and education
The  University of Paris Seine and the University of Warwick identified 4 relevant academic fields in both research and education in which to develop specific programmes, research, and chairs: Modelling Sciences (mathematics, statistics, physics, economics and computer science),  Business and Management, Arts and Humanities (art, history, literature, heritage) and Education Sciences.

The collaboration will be based on the following joint developments:

  • Teaching: The University of Paris Seine and the University of Warwick will develop a joint Master’s in Mathematical Modelling (with a potential start in the 2019/20 academic year) and a Chair in Mathematics at Paris Seine to be launched in September 2018. They will also explore collaborative teaching opportunities in a range of other disciplines including Business and Management, Cultural Policy, Applied Linguistics, and Complexity. Warwick Business School and ESSEC Business School will be part of the Bachelors-to-Masters Alliance which offers fast-track access for member schools’ top graduates into their Masters programmes.
  • Student Exchange: The University of Paris Seine and the University of Warwick will work on student exchanges at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, such as that between ESSEC and Warwick Business School on their Master’s in Finance programmes.
  • Encourage transdisciplinary research and co-supervised PhD theses: Besides fostering disciplinary cooperation, this partnership also seeks to encourage transdisciplinary cooperation via both parties’ Institutes of Advanced Studies. It will allow them to develop research collaboration on a range of disciplines including Arts and Humanities, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Business and Management, Linguistics, and Education Sciences. Faculty members will also work on joint research projects, publications, and joint applications for research funding. Two large forums, for example, will be planned on Global Complexity in 2018 and Arts and Heritage in 2019 to assemble researchers and explore ways of working together.

A number of 5 PhD Fellowships will also be co-financed by the University of Paris Seine and the University of Warwick. Post-doctoral early career researchers at the University of Paris-Seine will also be able to apply for Rutherford fellowships that will allow those researchers to spend up to 3 months at Warwick developing research collaboration projects.

To improve this collaboration and create strong links between the two institutions, Warwick Business School will become the privileged UK representative member of the Council of Business & Society, an international alliance of leading business schools aiming to become a global voice in the promotion of responsible leadership education. 

Other disciplines and areas of cooperation may emerge over the course of the execution of this agreement. 

“It is important today for our institutions to work together to produce cutting-edge knowledge and to train influential and responsible leaders who are attentive to new trends. With the call for expression of interest and this partnership, we will  construct a strong alliance with European Universities and Business Schools in order to be a major player on the international higher education stage and propose our students truly innovative and disruptive learning experiences.’ highlights Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, Dean and President of ESSEC Business School.

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