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IRENE Asia-Pacific

IRENE Asia-Pacific

Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation Asia-Pacific (IRENE Asia-Pacific)

IRENE, the leading research and education centre on negotiation and conflict management in Europe, aims to contribute to fostering this mutual understanding building on its European roots and ESSEC's extensive reach in Asia, for the exchange of ideas, and the enhancement of mutual understanding on negotiation, mediation and conflict management.

Since 1996, and following operations in 63 countries to date, IRENE has developed as a centre of expertise in negotiation, conflict resolution, mediation, stakeholders' dialogue and the societal impact of corporations on fragile communities. IRENE is reputed for its research activities and publications translated in nine languages; its post-conflict grassroots operations to restore dialogue ("Negotiators of the World" program, member of EPLO); as well as its educational and capacity- building programs designed and delivered for a wide range of higher education institutions, companies, public administrations, and international organisations.

IRENE's permanent team is interdisciplinary, and includes seven different nationalities. Since 2010, IRENE has set up a branch in Singapore, IRENE Asia-Pacific.


Prof. Aurélien COLSON PhD MBA, Director, ESSEC Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation

Prof. Aurélien COLSON is Associate Professor of Political Science at ESSEC Business School, and Director of the Centre of Excellence IRENÉ - International Governance & Dialogue. His research on negotiation and mediation appears in peer-reviewed journals. He authored, edited or co-authored several books, translated into 10 languages. In 2008, he was awarded a Grand Prix by the French Académie des sciences morales et politiques. He has run negotiation missions in over 30 countries, for companies and international organisations. He contributes also to post-conflict mediation efforts. He coordinates negotiation trainings for the European Commission, the European External Action Service, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the French Ecole Nationale d’Administration. He served as Advisor to the French Prime Minister (1998-2002), and then as Project Director on change management in the public administration.


ESSEC’s IRENE Expertise

ESSEC IRENE's research is focused on five main topics.

1.    Negotiation methods and theories. Through its research activities and work on the field, IRENE builds a global and pragmatic synthesis of negotiation theories. It relies on fundamental resources of diplomacy, on contemporary theories and on field experience.

2.   Negotiation in the European Union. After having highlighted the European sources of negotiation since the classical era, ESSEC IRENE now studies the negotiation dynamics that are specific to the European integration. Now that the Lisbon Treaty came into force, ESSEC IRENE's work has also turned to the study of the evolution of the European diplomacy through the establishment of the new European External Action Service.

3.   Conflict resolution and mediation in post-conflict societies. Through its field missions, IRENE studies the dynamics of conflicts in order to elaborate new techniques of conflict resolution and mediation between stakeholders in post-conflict societies or in societies going through a democratic transition.

4.    Measurement of the societal impact of multinationals' investments in areas fragilized by conflicts.

5.    Intercultural negotiation with Asia. Following the establishment of IRENE Asia-Pacific, we have studied the influence of cultural factors on negotiation in order to facilitate a better interaction between the two continents.


Influential Negotiation for Leaders

Crafting successful business deals that deliver optimal results is more than just being persuasive. Today's business leaders need the right skills to influence and bring the right partners together in order to navigate the complex business world. Negotiation is as much the art of the deal as it is tactical play.

This intensive workshop is designed to enable business leaders to further hone their own negotiation syltes and strategies. The interactive course delivery methods will encourage new ways of thinking and open one's mind.


SIRENE - Interdisciplinary Research Seminar on Negotiation

Since 2007, ESSEC IRENE has been organising an interdisciplinary research seminar on negotiation (SIRENE). Research is a key issue for negotiation insofar as it contributes to the generation of original concepts, the academic recognition of this multidisciplinary field and, through PhD students, the emergence of a new generation of researchers. To achieve these objectives, the exchange between researchers as well as between researchers, trainers and practitioners, offers a stimulating path. Negotiation needs places and moments in which ideas cross-fertilize, and where best practices are shared. SIRENE is open for those who want to contribute to collective reflection on negotiation, its stakes and its challenges. Participants come from many different academic institutions such as CERI, Cleveland State University, CNAM, CNRS, ENSTA, ESSEC, European University Institute (Florence), ESC Lille, ESCP, LSE, INSA (Lyon), INSEAD, Polytechnique, Sciences Po Paris, Sciences Po Lille, Universities of Cambridge, Catania, The Hague, Liège, Lyon III, Minnesota, Montréal, Paris (I, II, V, VIII, IX), Oxford, Sherbrooke, Stanford, Stellenbosch, Tilburg, etc.

Past Events

Breakfast Talk on The Urgency of Reconciling Business and Ethics

Organized by the Centre of Excellence for International Governance and Dialogue and the Centre of Excellence for Management and Society, the penultimate event of the Open House Week sought to bring a new perspective to an important topic for business, government and civil – reconciling business and ethics.

SIRENE No 39: Negotiation and Coaching - 2 July 2014

Negotiation and coaching skills are said to be essential elements of leadership. If negotiation is the ability to convince others to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement and coaching is the art of crafting outcomes to meet objectives, are coaching and negotiation tactics from the same roots of influencing strategy or substantially different skill sets?

Focusing on the application of various negotiation and coaching skills, this public seminar aims to examine the similarities and differences between negotiation and coaching, and also explore how these skills can be compatible for each other in the business field.

Book Launch of the Chinese Edition of the Book 谈判的艺术 (in Mandarin)

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