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Accounting and Management control 


The Accounting and Management Control Department offers students an introduction to the procedures and methods of accounting and management control and their use in various contexts—strategic decision making and management, financial communication, private (large and small companies), public or nonprofit sectors.

 It also offers interdisciplinary courses that provide insights into the organizational dimensions of management tools. The management tools studied in these courses include not only accounting and management control tools, but also Human Resources Management - HRM, organizational change, Corporate Social Responsibility/Socially Responsible Investment - CSR/SRI and integrated information systems (ERP) tools. Lastly, seminar-format courses offer students an opportunity to become acquainted with the areas of interest and current research focuses of department faculty.

The courses offered by the department prepare students to become certified accountants under the French system and to work in the areas of auditing, financial analysis, accounting and financial management, and management control.


One of the main missions of the Accounting & Management Control Department at ESSEC Business School is the creation of knowledge through original and high-quality academic research. Such effort manifests itself in all areas of academic life:

  • Publication of high-impact articles in the best international academic journals; contribution in reference works (book chapters or editing collective books);
  • Teaching at the doctoral program level and thesis supervision;
  • Research seminars on a regular basis and academic conferences where the best international researchers present and discuss their latest work.

Research conducted within the department is fundamental to ensure education excellence. The main research areas of the department can be articulated around three transversal poles: (1) accounting, institutional factors and financial markets, (2) regulatory and socieltal perspectives on accounting and auditing, and (3) the impact of control on activity.
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The Accounting & Management Control Department has 25 full-time faculty , 11 PhD students and 25 part-time lecturers.

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Information and Contact

Accounting and Management Control research seminars 

For the department :
Sylvie Heumez
Tel. +33 (0) 1-34-43-32-07

For research seminars:
Alice Cabaré
Tel. +33 (0) 1-34-43-32-74

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