Bi-continental MBA in France and Singapore

Fast track your career with the ESSEC Global MBA

As digital transformation fundamentally alters the business landscape, the onus has shifted towards professionals to constantly upskill in order to remain relevant for the job market.

Open the doors to your desired industry with the ESSEC Global MBA, a 12-month full-time program delivered in France and Singapore. Through its 3 majors: Strategy & Management, Luxury Brand Management, and Strategy & Digital Leadership, participants are equipped with a macro-view of core business functions coupled with industry-specific skills and knowledge to help them make a successful career switch to industries such as consulting, tech, or luxury.

A holistic MBA experience encompassing hard and soft skills through trainings on in-demand industry certifications, personal branding and development workshops, as well as career development support, will give you the tools you need to make the career leap.

The notion of sustainability is also integrated in the program through conferences and related courses, sensitizing participants to the importance of social responsibility in the face of business.

Academic Director, ESSEC Global MBA

Global MBA in brief

  • #5
    Worldwide for International Experience, FT Global MBA Ranking 2018
  • #7
    Worldwide for International Business, FT Global MBA Ranking 2018
  • #28
    Worldwide, FT Top MBAs for Women Ranking 2018
  • #26
    Worldwide, QS Global MBA Rankings 2019
Duration: 12 months
Language: English
Location: Paris, France and Singapore
Format: Full Time
Average age: 30 years
Intake: September
Professional experience: 6-7 years (average)

ESSEC Global MBA made for you

Acquire in-demand skills and knowledge to stand out in the job market

Through the ESSEC Global MBA program, you will acquire the skills and knowledge required to deal with complex situations arising from the digital revolution, build up your network, learn to think out-of-the-box, create value, make decisions in the face of uncertainty and risk , manage in multi-cultural environments, work in global business contexts and think independently and collaboratively in teams.


Over the course of the academic year, you will acquire a solid foundation in core business concepts, have the opportunity to major in one of our 3 majors and apply the knowledge gained through case studies, consulting projects, business trips and hands-on experience.

>Program structure

Choose your specialization

Unique to ESSEC, majors provide a conducive environment for participants to deep-dive into a particular industry or sector, allowing them to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for a career switch.

Our 3 Majors

The ESSEC Global MBA Alliance of Strategic Leaders

With industry experts representing all the three majors, this Alliance provides advice on the corporate needs and trends, academic content, strategic partnerships, and access to corporate resources. The Alliance leaders also serve as the program’s ambassadors to help establish strong relationships between the industry and Global MBA participants.Members of the Alliance of Strategic Leaders :

  • Arnaud Vaissié - CEO at INTERNATIONAL SOS
  • Bénédicte Richard - Director Human Resources and Organizational Development Fragrance and Beauty at CHANEL
  • Cyril Ranque - President Lodging Partner Services at EXPEDIA INC.
  • Eric Labaye - Senior Partner (Director) at MCKINSEY & COMPANY,
  • Floriane de Saint Pierre - Founder and President at FLORIANE DE SAINT PIERRE & ASSOCIES
  • Jean-Luc Placet - President, People and Organization at PwC,
  • Nitila Natarajan - Head, Banking Products APAC at UBS WEALTH MANAGEMENT, SINGAPORE
  • Purushotaman Ramakrishna - Deputy CEO at CIO ACADEMY ASIA,
  • Robert Vassoyan - President at CISCO FRANCE,
  • Thierry Oriez - Chairman at J.M. WESTON

Designed to accelerate your career

  • 52%
    Changed Sector
  • 54%
    Changed Function
  • 42%
    Changed Country

> How the ESSEC Global MBA is a career accelerator

ESSEC Experience

Discover the #ESSECGMBAExperience on our blog!

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