Application Fee

Fee of €130 for 2017-­2018 for all Majors.

Tuition Fees

Tuition for the ESSEC Global MBA depends on campus choice. For programs on the ESSEC France Campus, tuition is fixed at €45,000 for 2017-2018. For programs on the ESSEC Asia-Pacific Campus, tuition is fixed at SGD 73,700 (GST included), for 2017-2018. Major choice at either campus does not influence the tuition fee.

For both campuses, the tuition fee covers all academic courses, seminars, and one study trip. Items not included in the tuition fees are:

  • Textbooks and course materials;
  • Living expenses;
  • Compulsory health and liability insurance as required by law (certificate to be provided upon arrival);
  • Students specializing in International Luxury Brand Management will do three additional compulsory field trips: to Italy to study the luxury fashion business model, to Dubai to understand luxury brand management in emerging markets, and to Switzerland to appreciate the watches business model. The additional mandatory fee for these field trips, over and above the tuition fees, is €2,500.

You can download a detailed breakdown of the fees and expenses for the 2017 intake here.

Scholarships and Financial Aids




Early Action

Round 1 €2,000

Round 2 €1,500

Round 3 €1,000

ESSEC wishes to reward its applicants who are ambitious and organized to submit their application early. The following Early Action Scholarships will be awarded to registered students who submit their applications in the corresponding Admissions Rounds

Early Bird


Confirmation with deposit fee within 3 weeks of admision

Young Potential Leader

Up to €15,000

Competitive GMAT score, strong interview and overall excellence

Regional Diversity

Up to €15,000

Best candidate from various geographic regions

ESSEC Future Leader


In conjunction with QS, ESSEC Business School offers a generous scholarship of 20,000€ for the winner of an essay contest, who has attended a QS event, with the following topic: "Describe how you have so far demostrated excellence in leadership"



"International Leadership Award-Philippe Mathe Fellowship" of 5,000€ for qualified candidates who have an undergraduate degree from a US or Canadian university, or who have significant professional experience in the USA or Canada
Application form

Serge Bellanger French-American MBA Student Scholarship


The scholarship is offered by the French-­American Chamber of Commerce to American students interested in pursuing an MBA in France. Worth $10,000, the scholarship is merit based with financial need taken into consideration

The Firmenich Scholarship


The scholarship is offered by the Firmenich to students interested in pursuing the Global MBA Luxury Brand Management Major only. The candidate must demonstrate financial need.


Get in touch with a student

Anirban , Sébastien , Kailash , Emilia , Jeffrey and Saloni current students, will be more than happy to answer your questions.
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Armelle Leduc

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