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Capstone Consulting Field Project

Hospitality Management

Differentiate yourself from the increasing competition in the hospitality industry

The Hospitality Management major is designed to focus on key strategic developments in the global hospitality sector – in particular on real estate, development and online distribution. This major will provide you with the essential tools to become a leader of tomorrow!

The major in few words

  • Why this major?
  • Why at ESSEC?
  • What makes ESSEC different?

Academic experience

  • Curriculum & calendar
  • Major Coordinator
  • Robust
    Hospitality Management
    Term 0 September
    in France
    • Leadership Training
    • Management of People at Work
    • Negotiations
    • International Hospitality Management Trends
    Term 1 Oct-Dec
    in France
    • Financial Accounting
    • Financial Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Strategic Management
    • French Classes
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Business Law: Effective Leadership through Legal Literacy
    • Hospitality Distribution, Loyalty, and Online Marketing
    Term 2 Jan-March
    in France
    • Economics
    • Managerial Accounting
    • Operations Management
    • Digital Disruption
    • French Classes
    • Revenue Management
    • Principles of Real Estate
    Term 3 Apr-Jun
    in France
    • Hospitality Asset Management
    • Real Estate Finance for Hospitality Managers
    • Hospitality Brand Management
    • Website Conception and Development
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Advanced Excel for Managers
    • Demand Management for Hospitality Managers
    Summer Jul-Sep
  • Meet the Major Coordinator

    You will have the privilege of being taught by ESSEC’s world renowned faculty, comprised of more than 160 individuals representing 36 nationalities and the world’s most prestigious institutions.

    • Peter O'Connor
      Hospitality Management Major Coordinator, Global MBA
      Peter O'Connor
      Hospitality Management Major Coordinator, Global MBA

      Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics (IDS) Department

      International Teachers Programme (ITP), Stockholm School of Economics,
      Ph.D., Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh, Scotland

Paris Campus

The original campus of ESSEC is based at the heart of France: Paris.

Paris has always represented the timeless values of human progress, and it is therefore the ultimate stepping stone for your career. From finding corporate opportunities and growing a powerful business network, to enjoying the arts and a vibrant history: you can find it all in Paris.


At just 35 minutes from the bustling business district La Defense, stands the iconic ESSEC France Campus. Located in the second largest student area in Ile-de-France, housing over 27,000 students, the France campus provides everything you need to develop and enjoy your academic career to the fullest. The campus is a very modern home to our 4000 students: they use the latest technologies in our Knowledge Labs, enjoy a nice meal together in restaurant The Daily Market and of course relax and socialize in the Foy’s bar. Our students are very diverse and active: there are over 100 student associations you can join.

Discover Paris Campus

International partners and contributors

The Global MBA Hospitality Management major has wide ranging partnerships and close ties with large number of international hospitality companies.

Senior industry executives frequently visit the campus to take part in classes, give guest lectures, recruit future employees and  welcome students for company visits.

  • CBRE
  • EXPEDIA Inc.


The ESSEC Global MBA provided me with a solid grounding in general business knowledge and better understanding of the specificities of the hospitality industry. It had enabled me to think globally and strategically, and to look at the hospitality world in different ways.

Vice President Development Sub-Saharan Africa

Graduates from ESSEC Hospitality bring a high-level, broad knowledge with them. They understand today's ever-changing market environment and can adapt to it not only focused on profitability, but also constantly keeping the gust who is at the core of our business.

President and CEO of Carlson Rezidor Hotel

Why leading companies recruit from IMHI?

Career key facts

  • 48%
    Changed Sector
  • 55%
    Obtained a Salary Package Increase
  • 50 000
    alumni with over 70 alumni chapters located worldwide
Next round admission* February3 7 Steps to apply

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