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Double the network: benefit from the network of two prestigious schools

The MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics benefits from several professional networks which have been established by both ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupélec, independently or conjointly. When you obtain your degree with us, you tap in the network, partners, faculty and general contacts of not one but two top-tier schools both highly respected in their respective fields. You will boost your career before even having graduated.

The ESSEC Digital Business Centre of Excellence, for example, was launched in 2014 and incorporates not training programs but all activities linked to research, education, and work in the digital field. You would have access to wide range of conferences and interactions with professionals from the different sectors. Have a look below (English subtitles available)!

Launch your career with a competitive combination of skills

The benefit of a degree in business analytics and data sciences is its wide application across the business world. You will be able to work in a wide range of spheres from consulting, financial services, the healthcare industry, telecommunications, retail, fast moving consumer goods, or digital and engineering companies.

What is certain, is that there is an ever-growing demand in every industry for data-driven leadership and ‘big data’ is the topic du jour. International companies like Google, Microsoft or Amazon and startups like Snapchat, Waze or Uber are all hiring graduates with this kind of expertise.

Moreover, if you are (or would like to be) an entrepreneur, ESSEC Business School provides you with the opportunity to join our in-house incubator, ESSEC Ventures, which supports you whilst you develop and launch your startup project.

The ecosystem, reputation, and networks of both schools will ensure you have every opportunity on the job market.

Career Services

A word from your Careers Advisor

At ESSEC, your professional and personal development is the focus of our attention. When we talk about career, we think that you must try to find your real motivations and apply them to your future job. If you choose a MSc at ESSEC, it is to be fully competent AND happy in your job. As you are all diverse and unique, we trust your capacity to find the perfect career plan and job for you.

So, my role, as the Head of Careers Services, is to support and empower you to map out and build your career path. In individual coaching sessions or workshops, I will show you the best path to your best job and prepare you for job applications and interviews. At last, we will give you the possibility to meet recruiters and alumni in order to gain exposure to your appropriate market.

Welcome to ESSEC.

Viva Carlon
Head of Careers Services for the MS and MSc programmes

Support & Guidance

As a student, you can choose from an exceptionally wide range of options to help shape your careers. These are developed in partnership with the Career Services, partner companies and ESSEC alumni:

  • Recruitment events held with over 300 partner companies such as on-campus forums and sector-specific seminars, career round tables and company presentations.
  • Interview and CV workshops plus career orientation guidance to prepare students to optimise their entry into the professional world and develop their career plans.
  • Online job portal where more than 15,000 internship opportunities and 6,000 job offers for young graduates are posted each year.
  • Access to an active and extensive global network of 46,000 alumni with 60 chapters worldwide. Visit ESSEC Alumni.

ESSEC Alumni

When you join ESSEC Business School, you join a community, yours! You will discover within the community, the power of ESSEC network.

ESSEC Alumni already has 50 000 graduates with diverse profiles dispersed in all corners of the world. With unique personalities, they share a common goal, to achieve their career objectives. 

As you enter ESSEC, you become a member of ESSEC Alumni and you remain one forever. This is, in principal, the lifetime membership, that ESSEC has been the first French Business school with a global reach to put in place. 

At each step, before and after your course, ESSEC Alumni allows you to:

  • Find an internship or a job in France or abroad.
  • Manage your professional progression.
  • Switch career paths, become entrepreneurs or independent consultants.
  • Facilitate exchange with professionals with common goals.
  • Maintain contact with your cohort and the community.

 Discover all the services and facilities offered by ESSEC Alumni here

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