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Frequently asked questions

Applying & prerequisites

What is the most important thing to get across in my application?

There is no interview for this program so applications are evaluated on the basis of your motivation letter, recommendation letters and academic results. Your motivation letter is key. We are looking for people who are consistent, have vision and are highly motivated. You should be able to demonstrate why this program is the best solution for you and how this is the conclusion of the path you have taken until now. We are looking for exceptional candidates who have at some point taken their lives into their hands, gone off track maybe and either done or tried to do something great.

What level of English do I need to have?

This is an international program and all the courses are taught in English. You need to be able to follow courses and feel at ease to work on case studies with your classmates who come from all over the world. A standardised English test is required of non-natives as part of the application. This is one of many aspects that we take into account in making our decisions.

Career prospects

What is the difference between a business analytics expert and a data scientist?

This is actually 2 different angles of the same thing and it depends on what focus you want. Is it computer science or business applications? A basic way of explaining the difference is that companies need someone to tell them what the problem is (business analyst) and then they need someone to solve the problem (data scientist). These 2 need to work together and be complimentary.

Where can I find a job after graduating?

There are job opportunities everywhere in the world. You are able to stay in France or in Singapore afterwards but also move internationally. More and more students are finding jobs in the best companies abroad and travel a lot for work. There are also more and more startups coming out of the degree.

Course content

What makes the course content innovative?

You will be able to enjoy not only excellent academic teaching from some of the best research faculty in the world but also practical hands-on experience with case studies set by leading industry practitioners and experts in the field brought by our strong partnerships. The program has been developed based on the latest scientific solutions. While the foundation courses cover all the necessary information including a background history, the excellence courses then focus on the hottest trends of the moment. The course material is recent and constantly updated.

Regarding the internship, do you have any examples of where prior students did theirs?

There are no prestigious companies where our students aren’t employed! These could be in consulting, investment banking, engineering etc. at for example Accenture, BCG, GoldmanSachs, AirBnB or you can launch your own start up.


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