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Tuition fees

ESSEC MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics - Financing

Tuition fees in Paris: EUR 20,500* including EUR 2,000 deposit.

You pay your deposit first, after acceptance into the program and at the moment of registration. This amount is then later deducted from your tuition fee.
Your remaining tuition fee can be paid each year in 2 equal installments in August & October. 

Tuition fees in Singapore: SGD 33,700* (including GST).  An administrative fee of  SGD 3,370 (including GST) applies. This administrative fee is then deducted from your tuition fees.
Tuition fees can be paid in 3 equal installments in August, January and April.

*Kindly note that the fees indicated are for the current year and may be subject to change the next academic year.

Other fees

Application fees: €75


ESSEC Academic Excellence Scholarships

Description: To sustain the academic excellence of the program, ESSEC Business School offers scholarships to the most outstanding international candidates.

Eligibility: Open to all international applicants and awarded on the basis of the overall quality of their application i.e. academic excellence demonstrated in the file.

Amount: Can cover up to 50% of total tuition fees.

Procedure: Scholarship decisions are made during the application procedure. There is no additional application to fill out or request to make. Selected students will be notified upon being offered a place on the program.

Diversity of geography and profiles

Description: Varied cultural perspectives and backgrounds enhance the education and experience of all our students as well as being a key factor in the excellence of our programs. With this in mind, ESSEC seeks to create further diversity in its already diverse student body.

Eligibility: Be a citizen of a country in one of the following regions: Asia, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe (except France), North America and South America.

Amount: Up to 30% of total tuition fees.

Procedure: Scholarship decisions are made during the application procedure. They are awarded to applicants having demonstrated both academic excellence and a strong international background in their application file. Selected students will be notified upon being offered a place on the program.

Bank loans

As an ESSEC student, you can take out a preferential rate bank loan with the Cergy branch of LCL (Le crédit lyonnais), which covers full tuition and is repaid starting at the end of your first year of work.

Loan applicants are required to have a guarantor living in France. According to the banks, the guarantor must earn enough to cover the monthly loan payments but also either be a French citizen, a close family member and/or both. Additional fees and expenses will be the responsibility of the student.

Student jobs

ESSEC employs its’ students in a wide variety of functions which can help towards everyday living costs. These are part time short-term contracts in for example assisting teachers, carrying out market research, helping out at conferences and events, contributing to social media, etc.


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