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Proudly representing South-East Asia, one of the most dynamic, fast-growing and economically promising parts of the world, is the Republic of Singapore: home to a booming technology sector, a startup ecology that’s picking up strength and speed, and a few of the most advanced cities in the world. Without a doubt, Singapore - as link between Asia, Europe and North-America, has experienced an astonishing growth in development and economic prosperity in the past decades.

At the heart of the One-North area, a district dedicated to advancing research, education and entrepreneurialism, stands the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus. The 6500 square meter campus is brand new: after opening in May 2015, students and teachers alike develop their careers at the edge of modern technology. The focus is truly on the future: the new campus has been built with the environment in mind, and is awarded the Green Mark Platinum Award by the Building and Construction Authority in Singapore.

If you choose to study at this very safe and elegant campus, expect the strong presence of multinational firms that can provide access into the promising future of Asia. Like all campuses of ESSEC, the level of the educational systems is world-class. You could use your experience at the Asia-Pacific campus as a gateway into Asia, or as a rich experience to boost your career in other parts of the world. Whatever your choice will be: once you are part of our diverse community of students, trained in a stable, yet vibrant economy with the typically Singaporean high ease of doing business, you will be optimally prepared to take future challenges head on.

Choose the Asia-Pacific Campus if:

  • You are attracted to the immense potential Singapore as gateway to Asia has to offer;
  • You enjoy being part of diverse group of students, pursuing a degree in a world-class educational system;
  • You wish to immerse yourself in a blend between East and West, in a safe and secure environment with top-of-the-bill infrastructure;
  • You are ready to reap the benefits of a fast-growing and welcoming economy, full of business opportunities;
  • You would like to add the Asian way of doing business to your portfolio of competences.

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