European Negotiation program


Being equipped with a real understanding of the European Union

The European Union has become a major economic power, and also a key political player in today’s world of risks and opportunities. It is increasingly expected to address the internal challenges within the 28 Member States such as the economic crisis or even the structural reforms of its policies. But it is also expected to address important global challenges that range from foreign policy, migration fluxes to environmental issues or its relations with emerging and developing countries. These challenges and opportunities cannot be ignored by any future professional willing to make a difference.

Tomorrow’s leading business leaders and managers, as well as civil servants and NGOs executives need to be equipped with a real understanding of the European Union: its institutions, its policies – and, above all, its core engine: a permanent system of negotiation. Indeed the European project relies on the constant capacity to negotiate creative partnerships – between its 28 member States, between EU institutions and also with a whole range of external actors. 

Why choose our summer program at ESSEC Business School?

The “EUROPEAN NEGOTIATION Program” aims at providing a unique learning experience through six key assets.

  1. Bringing together university Master students from different countries and academic backgrounds;
  2. The use of interactive and experimental learning methodologies (simulations, exercises, e-learning), based on ESSEC IRENE know-how;
  3. A two day simulation of the European Council to experience the challenges of multilateral negotiations;
  4. The direct contact and interaction with practitioners coming from different backgrounds (policy-makers and elected officials, highly-ranked European officials, diplomats, managers, civil society);
  5. A study trip to Brussels to visit the EU institutions, together with visits in private companies and public organizations (e.g. the OECD Headquarters in Paris and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs);
  6. A campus based at the heart of the Paris Business District (La Défense) in a leading business School: the ESSEC. 


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