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PhD, Oxford Brookes University, UK
Academic Publications
  Managing religious diversity in the workplace: Examples from around the world. (with R. Bendl). Farnam (UK)  : Gower Publishing, 2015
  Uncertainty, Diversity and the Common Good: Changing Norms and New Leadership Paradigms. (UK)  : Gower Publishing, 2013
  Diversity Quotas, diverse Perspectives: The Case of Gender. (with J. Takagi). Farnham (UK (eds.))  : Gower Publishing, 2012
  Diversity in the Workplace. Farnham (UK)  : GOWER Publishing Ltd., 2011
  International Human Resources Management: A Canadian Perspective. (with P. Dowling, M. Festing, A. Engle). Toronto (Canada)  : Nelson Education, 2008

  "Interculturalism and socio-economic development of Indigenous islander populations: The case of the Kuna Yala" (S. Gröschl), International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies, Issue 2
  "Leading resistance to doing business as usual" (S. Gröschl, P. Gabaldon), Management Revue, Mar 2017, Vol. 28, Issue 2, p. 149‑171
  "The Co-Evolution of Leaders? Cognitive Complexity and Corporate Sustainability: The Case of the CEO of Puma" (S. Gröschl, P. Gabaldon, T. Hahn), Journal of Business Ethics, Mar 2017, Vol. 2, Issue 141
  "Business schools and the development of responsible leaders" (S. Gröschl, P. Gabaldon), Journal of Business Ethics, Issue forthcoming
  "Jongler avec les nationalités" (S. Gröschl), Management, Sep 2015, Issue 9, p. 88‑89
  "A few good companies: Rethinking firms? responsibilities toward common pool resources" (P. Gabaldon, S. Gröschl), Journal of Business Ethics, Oct 2014, Vol. 124, Issue 1
  "Female hospitality executives and their effects on firm performance" (S. Gröschl, S. Arcot), Tourism and Hospitality Research, Issue 3
  "Presumed incapable : Exploring the validity of negative judgments about persons with disabilities and their employability in hotel operations" (S. Gröschl), Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, Mar 2013
  "Wenn nur die Fähigkeiten zählen: Lektionen von Deutschen Hotelintegrationsunternehmen" (S. Gröschl), Diversitas, Dec 2011, Vol. 2, Issue 2, p. 15‑23
  "Diversity management strategies of global hotel groups: A corporate website based exploration" (S. Gröschl), International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism Management, Issue 2
  "Gérer la Diversité Culturelle au Sein du Personnel en France" (S. Gröschl, J. Takagi), MANAGEMENT ET AVENIR, Sep 2009, Issue 28, p. 47‑59
  "Diversity Management in Europe: A Viewpoint." (S. Gröschl), HRM Review, Dec 2008, p. 55‑57
  "An Exploration of HR policies and practices affectingthe integration of persons with disabilities in the hotelindustry in major Canadian tourism destinations" (S. Gröschl), International Journal of Hospitality Management, Sep 2007, Issue 26, p. 666‑686
  "The complexity of culture: Using the appraisal process to compare French and British managers in a UK based international hotel organisation" (S. Gröschl), International Journal of Hospitality Management, Mar 2006, Vol. 25 , Issue 2, p. 313‑334
  "Persons with disabilities: a source of non-traditional labour for Canada's hotel industry" (S. Gröschl), Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, Jan 2005, p. 258‑275
  "Current Human Resources Practices Affecting the Employment of Persons with Disabilities in Slected Toronto Hotels: A Case Study" (S. Gröschl), International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration, Jan 2004, Vol. 5, Issue 3, p. 15‑31
  "The Portfolio-An Alternative Assessment Method in Hospitality and Tourism Management Education" (S. Gröschl), Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education, Jan 2004, Vol. 16, Issue 1, p. 32‑39
  "Integrating Aboriginal Peoples into Canada's hospitality industry" (S. Gröschl), International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration, Jan 2003, p. 87‑99
  "Cultural Implications for the Appraisal Process" (S. Gröschl), Cross Cultural Management Journal, Jan 2003, p. 67‑79
  "A Cross-cultural Comparison of French and British Managers: An Examination of the Influence of Higher Education on Management Style" (C. Barrows), Tourism and Hospitality Research, Jan 2003, Vol. 4, Issue 3, p. 228‑246
  "The Appraisal Process: Beneath the Surface" (L. Doherty), Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism, Jan 2002, Vol. 1, Issue 3, p. 57‑76
  "Conceptualising Culture" (L. Doherty), Cross Cultural Management Journal, Jan 2000, p. 12‑18
  "Diversity Management in Practice" (L. Doherty), International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Jan 1999, p. 262‑268

  The difference of making a difference, in Zander. In: Research Handbook of Global Leadership : Making a difference (with P. Gabaldon, L. Bibard). (UK) : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2013
  Conclusion. In: Uncertainty, Diversity and The Common Good: Changing Norms and New Leadership Paradigms. Farnham (UK) : GOWER Publishing Ltd., 2013, p. TBC
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  The role of entrepreneurship in the integration of persons with disabilities into the workplace (Entrepreneuriat et handicap). In: Entrepreneuriat et Insertion. Bruxelles (Belgique) : Bruylant, 2010, p. 271-281
  Strategic International HRM. In: Stragegic HRM Planning. Toronto (Canada) : Nelson Education, 2009, p. 295-325
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  Assessing Culturally Diverse Faculties: The Appraisal Process within Cross Cultural Context. In: Immortal Longings: Business Education and Training. : Lanham: University Press of America, NATALE M, LIBERTELLA A,. 2002, p. 40-50

Working papers
  " Gender Diversity in Renault?s Showrooms: Challenges Ahead" (S. Gröschl, J. Takagi). Essec Research Center, DR‑ECCH (412-058-1) and CCMP (ESSEC-RH-122-1). Dec 13.
  "Le Fiasco de Knysia or a question of leadership failure?" (S. Gröschl). Essec Research Center, DR‑ ECCH (413-039-1) and CCMP (ESSEC-H-132-1) Dec 13.

Other Publications
Articles published in conference proceedings
  "Taking the lead in making a difference: The role of business schools.", With P. Gabaldon, L. Bibard. In : Opening Governance, 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Vancouver (Canada) : Academy of Management, 2015
  "Daring to resist temptations of doing business as usual: The case of Puma.", With P. Gabaldon. In : Business for Society, Euram 2015. Rotterdam (The Netherlands.) : Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus School, 2015
  "Motivational constructs of decision makers and their impact on firms?s use of common pool resources", With P. Gabaldon. In : PURA VIDA: REALIZING EUDEMONIA IN BUSINESS AND SOCIETY, 26th Annual IABS conference. Guanacaste (Costa Rica) : IABS, 2015
  "Individual Freedom or Collective Ruin? ", With . Gabaldon. In : Business Ethics Conference, 20th Annual International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference. Chicago (USA) : DePaul University, 2013
  "Global Diversity Management: Think Global, Act Local.". In : Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International, 5th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference. Toulouse (France) : TBS, 2012
  "Employment barriers for persons with disabilities in the hotel industry : A reality check.". In : The hospitality and tourism educators, International CHRIE 2011 Conference. Denver (USA.) : University of auckland, 2011
  "Workplace inclusion: A reciprocal responsibility?", With L. Bibard. In : Has Management Studies Lost its Way?, European Group of Organisational Studies (EGOS) Colloquium. Gothenburg (Sweden) : EGOS, 2011
  "Business school students? perceptions of corporate diversity and the implications on employer attractiveness.". In : (Re) Connaître la (les) Diversité(s), 6èmes rencontres internationales de la Diversité. Corte (France) : IAE de Corte, 2010
  "A model of individual perceptions of diversity and its implications for managing diversity", With J. Takagi. In : Diversité: premier(s) bilan(s), Les Cinquièmes Rencontres Internationales sur la Diversité. Corte (Corse) : IAE de Corse et Universita di Corsica Pasquale Paoli, 2009
  "Gérer la diversité culturelle au sein du personnel en France", With J. Takagi. In : Faire vivre la Diversité, Faire vivre la Diversité: Les quatrième rencontres international de la Diversité. corte (France) : IAE de Corse, 2008, p. 47-59
  "Understanding diversity and managing a multi-cultural workforce: The Case of France", With J. Takagi. In : Managing Culturally Diverse Organizations, LAEMOS Colloquium 2008. RIO DE JANEIRO (BRAZIL) : FGV-EAESP, 2008
  "Employees with disabilities in Ontario's hotel industry: Applicatins for organizatins and their HR functions in France". In : IAE, IAE Conference 2007. Corse (France) : IAE, 2007
  "Non-traditionnal assessment methods for hospitality educators: the student portfolio". In : APAC CHRIE, 5th APAC CHRIE Conference & 13th Asia Pacific Tourism Association Conference. Beijing (China) : APAC CHRIE, 2007
  "The diversity of Diversity: Exploring differentmeanings of diversity", With J. Takagi. In : 2007 European Group of Organisational Studies, EGOS Colloquium. Vienna (Austria) : EGOS, 2007
  "Employing persons with disabilities: The case of Ontario's hotel industry". In : APAC CHRIE, 4th APAC CHRIE Conference & 12th Asia Pacific Tourism Association Conference. Huanlien (Taiwan) : APAC CHRIE, 2006
  "What motivates hotel department heads?: A case study of a Canadian hotel group", With T. Exarchoulis. In : ASAC 2006 , The Administrative Sciences Association of Canada: Reaching new Heights. Banff - Alberta (Canada) : ASAC, 2006, p. 14-30
  "Human resources challenges in integrating persons with disabilities in Canada's hotel industry". In : EuroCHRIE 2004 Conference, EuroCHRIE. Ankara (Turkey) : EuroCHRIE, 2004
  "The impact of Chinese culture on human resource management practice inSino-foreign hotels operating in China", With J. Yu. In : EuroCHRIE 2004, EuroCHRIE 2004 Conference. Ankara (Turkey) : EuroCHRIE , 2004
  "Problem gambling among Casino Employees", With T. Mac Laurin. In : 12th International Conference on Gambling and Risk-Taking, 12th International Conference on Gambling and Risk-Taking. Vancouver-British Columbia (Canada) : **, 2003
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  "Current employement practices focusing on physically disabled employees in the hotel industry", With N. Figueroa. In : Euro CHRIE 2003 Conference, Euro CHRIE 2003 Conference. Bad Honnef (Germany) : Euro CHRIE , 2003
  "Aboriginal employment practices in Canada's gaming industry". In : International CHRIE 2003 Conference , International CHRIE 2003 Conference . Palm Springs (U.S.A.) : CHRIE, 2003
  "Evrs, Rush and Berdrow'sBase Competencies within a Cross-Cultural Context", With F. Evers. In : Where East meets West, The Administrative Sciences Association of Canada: Where East meets West. Winnipeg (Canada) : The Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, 2002
  "Assessing Culturally Diverse Faculties: The Appraisal Process within a Cross Cultural Context". In : Sixth International Conference on Social Values, Sixth International Conference on Social Values. Oxford (U.K.) : University of Oxford, 2002 (Contexte transculturel)
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  "Diversity Management in International Hotel Chains in San Francisco", With L. Doherty. In : CHME 7th Annual Hospitality Research Conference Proceedings, CHME 7th Annual Hospitality Research Conference. Glasgow (U.K.) : Caledonian University, 1998, p. 98-99

Press articles
  "Paris 2024: Paralympians in the spotlight! ". ESSEC Knowledge, 11 Sep 2017
  " Pourquoi un PDG décide-t-il de s?engager en faveur de la durabilité ? ". ESSEC Knowledge, 05 Jul 2017
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  "Trump versus Clinton: Who is the better leader? ". BusinessBecause, 11 Nov 2016
  "Mas productividad, menos correos". La Prensa, Panama, 19 Aug 2016
  "Euro 2016 and the rise of xenophopic politics". ESSEC Knowledge, 21 Jun 2016
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  "L'entreprenariat: une opportunité d'emploi pour les personnes handicapées". les échos, 12 Jun 2008

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