Thomas Kude
Assistant Professor, Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics (IDS) Department

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General Information Research Areas Publications

PhD in Information Systems, University of Mannheim, Business School

Diploma (combined Bachelor's and Master's degree) in Information Systems, University of Mannheim 

Research Areas

Digital business (Platform strategies, Software development, Cloud computing)

IT management (IT outsourcing, IT governance, IT security) 

Academic Publications
  "Achieving IT-based Synergies Through Regulation-oriented and Consensus-oriented IT Governance Capabilities" (T. Kude, M. Lazic, A. Heinzl, A. Neff), Information Systems Journal, Issue Forthcoming
  "Knowledge Boundaries in Enterprise Software Platform Development: Antecedents and Consequences for Platform Governance" (J. Foerderer, T. Kude, S. Schuetz, A. Heinzl), Information Systems Journal
  "Digitization and Disciplined Autonomy" (S. Mithas, T. Kude), IEEE IT Professional, Oct 2017, Vol. 19, Issue 5, p. 4‑8
  "Governance Practices in Platform Ecosystems: Navigating Tensions Between Cocreated Value and Governance Costs" (T. Huber, T. Kude, J. Dibbern), Information Systems Research (INFORMS), Issue 3
  "Big Data Breaches and Customer Compensation Strategies: Personality Traits and Social Influence as Antecedents of Perceived Compensation" (T. Kude, H. Hoehle, T. Sykes), International Journal of Production and Operations Management, Jan 2017, Vol. 37, Issue 1, p. 56‑74
  "Service-Channel Fit Conceptualization and Instrument Development: A Mixed Methods Study in the Context of Electronic Banking" (H. Hoehle, T. Kude, S. Huff), Business & Information Systems Engineering, Dec 2016, Vol. 59, Issue 2, p. 97‑110
  "The Sourcing of Software Services: Knowledge Specificity and the Role of Trust" (J. Dibbern, W. Chin, T. Kude), The DATABASE for Advances in Information Systems, May 2016, Vol. 47, Issue 2, p. 36‑57
  "Understanding the Role of Organizational Integration in Developing and Operating Software-as-a-Service" (S. Stuckenberg, T. Kude, A. Heinzl), Journal of Business Economics, Feb 2014, Vol. 84, Issue 8, p. 1019‑1050
  "Why Do Complementors Participate? An Analysis of Partnership Networks in the Enterprise Software Industry" (T. Kude, J. Dibbern, A. Heinzl), IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, May 2012, Vol. 59, Issue 2, p. 250‑265

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Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics (IDS)
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