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2008-2010 : University Diploma of Mediator, Institute of Mediation and Negotiation (IFOMENE), ICP (Paris)


Thesis : Mediation as regards Human rights  


2004, PhD and Doctorate in European Public Comparative  Law


The University of René Descartes (Paris V). Thesis title : “Bilan et perspectives de la politique de coopération juridique en Europe central et orientale : la stratégie des partenariats”, final mark : « Félicitations du jury à l’unanimité, proposition pour un prix de thèse et subvention à la publication »



1996 :Master. Phil (post graduate degree in law), international economic and development,  upper second class honor,University of René Descartes (Paris V).

 Thesis : Assessment and prospect of legal and judicial cooperation in BIH »



1995 : Master in Business Law,  University of René Descartes (Paris V).


 Corporate law, tax law, European Law, international private law, with Specialisation in Financial analysis and accountancy,



Dr. Linda Benraïs is Adjunct Professor of Comparative Law and Mediation in ESSEC Business School and Director of ESSEC IRENE’s Programs“Good Governance and Conflict Resolution”. She holds a PhD in European Public Comparative Law, a Master in International Economic Law and Development, a Master in Business Law, and a University Diploma of Mediator. She  has 17 years of experience in rule of law, governance and international legal cooperation in Europe Union, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, in the Mediterranean, the Middle East,  Asian and African regions.


Her research published in 2005 focused on the European Union Accession  processes by benchmarking more over of the legal and judicial cooperation policies and systems developed in Central and Eastern Europe and proposing a multiannual strategy founded on partnerships. Since 2008, her research is concerned with EU policies and issues of governance, security, prevention, negotiation,  mediation and international human rights.


Prior to joining ESSEC IRENE, Dr. Benraïs worked for 13 years as Director of ACOJURIS/JCI, the agency for international legal cooperation mandated by the French Ministry of Justice, where she contributed to the transposition of European and international standards, supervising more than 60 international projects financed by the European Union and other international donors in Eastern Europe, in the Mediterranean, in Asia, and the Middle East. She taught international project management at the National School of Judiciary, the National School of Administration, and several universities. She further coordinated and delivered training courses for lawyers, judges, prosecutors and other legal and judicial staff (notaries, bailiffs, court administrators etc) and contributed to creating and strengthening the initial training and professional development of magistrates and other judicial staff in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Mediterranean and South-East Asia.


Since 2012, Dr. Benraïs has developed a comparative  expertise in negotiation, mediation, compliance, international governance and human rights and acts worldwide as consultant, mediator and trainer in the public and the private sector. Since 2010, she has been teaching mediation at the Institute of Mediation and Negotiation (IFOMENE) at the Catholic University of Paris. Dr. Benraïs also consults and teaches managers on the conflict prevention and resolution, corporate social responsibility and human rights.


At ESSEC IRENE, Dr. Benraïs, as a specialist of EU programmes, she  supervises the European governance programme of the CBRN Centres of Excellence Initiative of the European Union and the European External Action Service. In this context, she conducts field missions and training sessions on governance, crisis management, negotiation, conflict resolution, team management and communication for high-ranking regional and national ministry officials in the area of CBRN crisis prevention in the African Atlantic Façade, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and South-East Europe. Since 2013, she has provided training on preventing and managing a sanitary crisis (Ebola) in Brussels and in Rabat. She further trains European diplomats of the EEAS on the analysis, prevention, and the management of conflicts and mediation during peace processes. She teaches negotiation and mediation at ESSEC Business School, the War College, and the School of National Administration. She participates in research and publications on governance, security, human rights, mediation, and negotiation; and participates in various conferences in France and abroad.


Linda Benraïs is General Secretary of the European Association of Judges for Mediation and member of the board of director of the European Association of Mediators toward  the Bar Association in Paris.


She speaks French, English, Spanish, and Serbian-Croatian.

Research Areas


Comparative analysis of EU policies and systems focused on governance, justice,  security, prevention and conflict resolution, Eu enlargement and policies in Neighbourhood countries and Third countries. 

 Comparative analysis of EU, Member States  and International policies on global governance and Public Aid.  

 International governance conflict prevention and resolution

International mediation, peace building processes and democratic transition

Legal and judical mediation in civil, commercial, social and penal matters 

 Mediation and human rights

Mediation and corporate social responsabilty of transnational companies 

Prevention and crisis management

Cooperation and public-private partnerships


International Governance,  Rule of Law, Justice, Governance and Security

International Development and Public Aid 

 Complexe dimension of conflictuality

Negotiation, Mediation and Dialogue 

Peace building processes, management of democratic transition

Conflict prevention, management of crisis and conflicts, and post-conflict transition

Geographical Areas

European Union

Eastern Europe, Central Asia

Middle East, North Africa

 South East and Central Asia


On-going Projects

EU programme on" Governance of CBRN risk mitigation Centers of Excellence" in Balkans, South Caucasus, Moldavia, North Afica, Middle East, African Atlantic Facade  with EU Commission  European External Action Service (EEAS)(2014-2015)

EU programme  " Support to the  conflict prevention and international mediation ", with EEAS (2014-2018)

Drafting a guide book for the International Organisation of Francophonie on " International mediation " (2014-2015)

EU Research programme " Horizon 2020 on governance, mediation, conflict prevention and resolution" in partnerships  with London School of Economics (LSE), Utrecht University and other European and International universities (2015-2018) 

Teaching at ESSEC

Workshops of Mediation : commercial mediation, international mediation, inter company mediation, intra company mediation, mediation and Human rights

 Mediation, Essec Executive Education

Negotiation at ENA, College of War

Negotiation, mediation and dialogue, diplomats members of the European External Action Service, EU

 Governance on prevention and management of CBRN crisis at national, regional and international levels (Chaire Edgar Morin) 

Governance on the CBRN risk mitigation at the national, regional and international levels (Belgium, Montenegro, Morroco, Georgia etc)

the key of negotiation, coordination and management of sanitary crisis illustrated by Ebola outbreak and other CBRN crisis management 

  Kodiva : prevention et gestion des crises appliquée à Ebola (L. Benraïs).Paris (France) 2015 (Cases).

Other Teaching Activities


Mediation in legal and judicial civil, commercial ,   Diploma of Mediator, Parts I and, Institute of Mediation and Negotiation, Catholic University of Paris, since 2010

Mediator in labour law, University of Cergy and Place Mediaiton, since 2013

Mediation and human rights, Institute of Mediation and Negotiation, Catholic University of Paris, since 2010 

Judicial cooperation and international mediation, School of Paris Bar, 2014

International Mediation and peace building, European Mediation Network Initiative, Bratislava, 2013

Co-facilitation of the high level workshop of conflict analysis in Tchad, European Union, EEAS, 2014

Coching of the HoD  in Burundi and Rwanda and other High special representative on international negotiation, mediation and dialogue, 2014

The amicable settlement in human rights and other different mediations, Paris Bar, March 2015 


Awards and Distinctions
2014 Best Legal book of the year, awarded to the book on amicable settlements published by Dalloz

Scientific Activities
Conference Presentations
  "The EU CBRN Risk Mitigation Centres of Excellence Initiative", (with A. Colson). ReSHAPE 3rd Annual Workshop on INSECURITY COMPLEXES THE EU AND MEMBER STATES RESPONSE, University of Catania, Department of Political Sciences, Catane, Italie , 11 Jun 2015


Preliminary Introduction on Certification and quality of Mediation with the project of Eurochambres, Workshop on Judicial Mediation, GEMME, Nice July 2015 

 The EU CBRN Risk Mitigation Centres of Excellence Initiative, 3rd ReShape Anual Workshop on Insecurity Complexes : the EU and Member States responses, University of Catania, Italy, July 2015,

The amicable settlement in human rights and other mediation, Paris Bar, March 2015

Judicial Cooperation and International Mediation, Campus Forum, School of Paris Bar, Paris, 2014

Development of education for advocates focused on mediation, Toulouse, National Council of Bars, 2014 

 International mediation in peace building processes, European Mediation Initiative Network, April 2013, 

Mediation and Corporate social responsability, European Mediation Network Initiative, Bratislava,  2013

Mediation and Corporate social responsability, University of Cergy and Place Mediation, 2013,

 International Mediation in Peace building processes, OIF, Geneva, October 2012.

Mediation a new human rights, Paris Bar, 2012 

Preparation and managment of EU projects, different professional schools, 

Affiliations and Academic Responsibilities

Member of the Pedagogical Team of ESSEC IRENE
Lecturer at the Catholic University of Paris

Lecturer at the ENA, School of War 

Lecturer at University of Cergy and Place Mediation 

Consulting & Other Activities



15 years of international  expertience as EU legal expert and legal trainer for the European Commission and European External Action Service on governance, legal and judicial reforms, human rights protection, international mediation, negotiation and dialogue

Judicial Mediator on commercial conflict resolution, nearby the Appeal Court of Paris

 General Secretary of the European Association of Judges for Mediation (GEMME)

Member of the board of Director of the European Association of Mediators (AME), Paris Bar


Creation of the award of the best thesis and member of the mixed jury composed for the french companies (CAC 40) and the French Association of the Doctors in Law, delivered each year since 2013



Professional Experience


17 years of experience as EU legal consultant in Governance, Rule of law, ADR (mediation-conciliation and arbitration) and Justice and Home Affairs, negotiation and mediation : advisor of the Ministers of Justice abroad on judiciary governance,  legal and judicial reforms, security reforms. Dealing with legal and judiciary reforms in the frame of EU Accession and enlargement and EU neighboorhood policies and compliance of legislation with Middle East, North African, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South East and Central Asia, Africa

13 year of experience as Director in the Ministry of Justice of the French Agency for International Legal Cooperation (ACOJURIS/JCI) in charge of the legal and jucial reforms, judiciary governance and enforcement of human rights through the technical assistance programmes financed by the EU, World Bank and the UN agencies. management of the team of 17 people

 13  years of experience in governance and coordination of inital and continuous programmes of education for judges, prosecutors, advocates, baillifs, notaries

 13 years of experience as international legal trainer and lecturer on international comparative law and other legal and judicial reforms

13 years of experience on creation, setting up and development of judiciary schools for judges, prosecutors, advocates, notaires, baillifs and other court staff in Europe,Eastern Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East and African region. Development of initial and continuous education programmes on EU law and human rights, e-learning programmes on civil, criminal, commercial matters in many countries

17 years of experience in the management of EU and international contracts of technical assistance financed by the international donors : sound experience in project planning, evaluation, coordination and monitoring, according to EU evaluation guidelines, standards and benchmarks

 5 years of experience as accredited mediator by the Appeal Court of Paris and the Paris Bar


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Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation in Europe (IRENE)

ESSEC Business School
Av. Bernard Hirsch
B.P. 50105
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