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Hi! I’m Janice, one of the student ambassadors for the ESSEC Global BBA program. Feel free to contact me if you ever need any help! Meanwhile, here’s a little bit about myself.

I’m a Taiwanese-American. I grew up in both Taiwan and Singapore. I was born in LA, studied in Taiwan till 3rd grade and my family decided to move to Singapore after that. I was in a Singapore local school for a while before transferring to the Singapore American School when I was 12.

Graduating High School, I went through an American School system of Advance Placement (AP) testing.

For my undergraduate degree, I’ve decided to choose the Singapore Track of ESSEC’s Global BBA program for many reasons. Many have asked why Singapore and why this school? ESSEC Business School offered an opportunity to studying in four different countries before graduating. Its program also allows me to graduate knowing four different languages. In addition to that, being able to stay close to family and friends, and study in an intimate class setting is what I've been looking for in a college. ESSEC truly provides a hands-on experience and is a great place for networking!

I'm familiar with quite a few different High School systems. I understand that picking the right university is a long and hard process, if you need help in understanding ESSEC and its programs better or just curious and simply want to talk, feel free to contact me!

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