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Ashwin Malshe
Assistant Professor, Marketing Department

Photo de Ashwin Malshe
Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
General Information Research Areas Publications Teaching Other Activities

PhD in marketing at Binghamton University, USA 2006-2011

MMS, Marketing from Mumbai University, India 1998-2000

BE, Electronics from Mumbai University, India 1993-1997

Research Areas

Marketing Strategy
Marketing-Finance Interface
Social Media Marketing
Consumer Behavior
Behavioral Decision Theory

On-going Projects

Working Papers

1. Impact of Advertising on Liquidity Risk, with Manoj Agarwal and Srini Krishnamurthy (First Dissertation Essay)

2. How Capital Structure Affects Marketing strategy: Impact of Leverage on Customer Satisfaction, with Manoj Agarwal (Second Dissertation Essay)

3. The Impact of Strategic Alliance on Firm Valuation in Markets with Network Effects and Standard Competition, with Qi Wang and Jinhong Xie



1. Self Construal and Financial Risk-Taking: Evidence from Global Financial Markets, with Kalpesh Desai

2. Perils of Content-Targeted Adverting: How Accidentally Incompatible Ad-Placement Harms Brand Evaluation, with Napatsorn Jirapornand Gerri Spassova

Teaching at ESSEC

Social Media Marketing: August-Spetmeber 2012

Marketing Engineering (Analytics): January-February 2012

Marketing Management: September-October 2011 

Other Teaching Activities

Past Teaching in SUNY Binghamton
Social Media Marketing Spring 2011
Managerial Economics Spring 2011
Introduction to Marketing ONLINE Summer 2009, 2010, Winter 2010
Introduction to Marketing Fall 2010
Retail Management and E-Commerce Fall 201
Introduction to Marketing Fall 2009
Marketing Research Fall 2007

Awards and Distinctions

The Graduate School Award for Excellence in Research 2009-2010, Binghamton University

AMA-Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2008 (U of Missouri)

Best Student Award-2000, NMIMS, Mumbai University

Scientific Activities
Conference Presentations

"How Capital Structure Affects Marketing strategy: Impact of Leverage on Customer Satisfaction" with Manoj Agarwal
Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street Conference II 2011 (Boston University; by Ashwin Malshe)

"Impact of Advertising on Liquidity Risk" with Manoj Agarwal and Srini Krishnamurthy -
BBCRST Conference 2009 (Cornell University; by Aswhin Malshe)
Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street Conference 2009 ((Emory University; by Manoj Agarwal)

"The Impact of Branding Strategy on Liquidity and Investors’ Transactions Costs" with Manoj Agarwal, Srini Krishnamurthy, and Yiuman Tse
Marketing Science Conference 2008 (Vancouver; by Ashwin Malshe)

"The Impact of Strategic Alliance on Firm Valuation in Markets with Network Effects and Standard Competition" with Qi Wang and Jinhong Xie
34th PDMA Annual Global Conference 2011 (Orlando; by Qi Wang)
Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street Conference II 2011 (Boston University; by Qi Wang)

"The Role of Regulatory Fit on Attraction Effect" with Subimal Chatterjee and Rajat Roy
Marketing Science Conference 2010 (Cologne; by Subimal Chatterjee)
BBCRST Conference 2011 (Syracuse U; by Subimal Chatterjee)

"The Effects of Regulatory Focus on Consumer Judgments Involving Self and Others’ Payoffs" with Subimal Chatterjee, Tim Heath, and Glenn Pitman
ACR Conference 2009 (Pittsburgh; by Tim Heath)

"The Effect of Mixed Versus Blocked Sequencing of Promotion and Prevention Features on Brand Evaluation: The Moderating Role of Regulatory Focus", with Subimal Chatterjee and Tim Heath
ACR Conference 2008 (San Francisco; by Subimal Chatterjee)

Affiliations and Academic Responsibilities

American Marketing Association (AMA)
Association for Consumer Research (ACR)
American Economic Association (AEA)
American Finance Association (AFA)
Society for Financial Studies (SFS)

Professional Experience

Industry experience 

2005-2006 - MeritTrac Services Pvt Ltd, India - Head-Analytics - Developing analytics reporting system, conducting research related to aptitude testing, and building predictive models for recruitment

2001-2005 - Phalanx Technologies, India Partner - Selling industrial water purification systems such as ozone generators and reverse osmosis membranes

2000-2001 - Unit Trust of India - Manager-Marketing - Advising on investments and selling mutual funds to institutional buyers such as banks, companies, trusts, and government and non-profit organizations

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