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Post-doc Research Fellow in Differential Games in Supply Chain Management, GERAD, 2010. 

 Ph.D. in Decision Management Sciences with concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management - ESSEC Business School, Paris – France 2010, Dissertation title: “Four essays on the interfaces between Marketing and Operations in Supply Chain”.

Doctorate in Business Administration, UNICAL, Arcavacata di Rende, Cosenza, Italy, 2010, Dissertation title: “Operationalizing the construct ‘Reactivity’: qualitative and quantitative investigations”.

M. Phil BA, ESSEC Business School, Paris (France), 2008.

Master in Supply Chain Integrated Management, University of Verona, Italy, 2004.

Four-year degree in Business Administration, UNICAL, Arcavacata di Rende (CS), Italy, 2003
Pietro De Giovanni is an Associate Professor of Operations Management in the Operations Management Department at the ESSEC Business School. His research and teaching interests range from supply chain and operations management to environmental management. He is currently the Academic Director of the Master in Technology Project Management with Telecom ParisTech and the scientific coordinator of the Operations Management/Operations Research cluster at ESSEC.
He has published in several papers in several scientific journals such as Journal of Operations Management, European Journal of Operational Research, Transportation Research, Annals of Operations Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of the OR Society, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, Dynamic Games and Applications, Journal of Environmental Management, and International Journal of Operations and Production Management.
Before joining ESSEC, he was appointed at NOVA School of Business and Economics, Lisbon, and Vrjie Universiteit (VU), Amsterdam. He is a regular visiting at GERAD, HEC Montreal, and UNICAL.
Thèmes de Recherche

Green Supply Chain Management

Closed-loop SUpply Chain 

Supply Chain Quality Management 

Supply Chain Coordination 

Interface between Marketing and Operations in Supply Chain 

Projets en Cours

Supply chain visibility, information systems, and logistics

Supply Chain integration, contracts, and performance 

Agile supply chain and Environmental Management

The impact of non-conformace quality on goodwill and consumers' willingness to purchase 

Usage of reflective and formative measurement models in Supply Chain Management research

Endogenous vs. Exogenous coordination in a Closed-loop Supply 

Publications académiques
  Supply chain coordination: a multi-sector comparative case study analysis. Rome (Italy)  : Aracne, 2016
  The Operationalization or Reactivity: qualitative investigation and quantitative analysis. Canterano (Italy)  : Aracne, 2016

  "Consignment contracts with cooperative programs and price discount mechanisms in a dynamic supply chain" (P. De Giovanni, R. Cesaretto, A. Buratto), International Journal of Production Economics, Numéro forthcoming
  "An optimal control model with defective products and goodwill damages" (P. De Giovanni), Annals of Operations Research, mars 2019, Vol. 2, Numéro 2, p. 1‑14
  "A selective survey of game-theoretic models of closed-loop supply chains" (P. De Giovanni, G. Zaccour), A Quarterly Journal of Operations Research, févr. 2019, Vol. 2, Numéro 2, p. 1‑44
  "Optimal quality improvements and pricing strategies with active and passive product returns" (P. De Giovanni, Z. Georges), Omega, Numéro forthcoming
  "The impact of innovation strategies on the relationship between supplier integration and operational performance" (P. De Giovanni, J. Duhaylongsod ), International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, Numéro forthcoming
  "A Feature Fatigue Supply Chain Game with Cooperative Programs and Ad-Hoc Facilitators" (P. De Giovanni), International Journal of Production Research, Numéro 1
  "Channel coordination with a manufacturer controlling the price and the effect of competition" (P. De Giovanni, A. Sacco), Journal of Business Research, Numéro 1
  "Vendor Management Inventory with consignment contracts and the benefits of cooperative advertising" (P. De Giovanni, S. Karray, G. Martin‑Herran, ), European Journal of Operational Research, Numéro 1
  "Closed-loop Supply Chain Games with Innovation-led Lean Programs and Sustainability" (P. De Giovanni, T. Genc), International Journal of Production Economics, Numéro 5
  "Coordinating innovation projects with high tech suppliers through contracts" (P. De Giovanni, T. Prekker), Research Policy, Numéro 1
  "Optimal Return and Rebate Mechanisms in a Closed-loop Supply Chain Game" (P. De Giovanni, G. Talat), European Journal of Operational Research, janv. 2018, Vol. 200, Numéro 1
  "A joint maximization incentive in closed-loop supply chains with competing retailers: The case of spent-battery recycling" (P. De Giovanni), European Journal of Operational Research, Numéro 
  "Product cannibalization and the effect of a service strategy" (P. De Giovanni, V. Ramani), Journal of the Operations Management Society, Numéro 1
  "A two-period model of product cannibalization in an atypical Closed-loop supply chain with endogenous returns: The case of DellReconnect" (P. De Giovanni, V. Ramani), European Journal Operational Research, Numéro 1
  "Closed-Loop Supply Chain Coordination Through Incentives with Asymmetric Information" (P. De Giovanni), Annals of Operations Research, déc. 2016, Vol. 12, Numéro 1, p. 1‑33
  "Trade-in and save: a two-period game of Closed-loop supply chain with price and technology dependent returns" (P. De Giovanni, T. Genc), International Journal of Production Economics, Numéro 7
  "An Empirical Investigation of the Antecedents of Partnering Capability" (A. Colicev, P. De Giovanni, V. Esposito Vinzi), International Journal of Production Economics, mai 2016, Vol. 5, Numéro 165, p. 144‑153
  "Coordination in a distribution channel with decisions on the nature of incentives and share-dependency on pricing" (P. De Giovanni), Journal of the Operational Research Society (2016), Numéro 1
  "Incentive strategies for an optimal recovery program in a Closed-loop supply chain" (P. De Giovanni, V. Puduru, G. Zaccour), European Journal of Operational Research, mars 2016, Vol. 249, Numéro 2, p. 605‑617
  "The selection of contracts in supply chains: an empirical analysis" (P. De Giovanni, S. Sluis), Journal of Operations Management, janv. 2016, Vol. 41, Numéro 1, p. 1‑11 (Accepted)
  "State- and Control-dependent incentives in a Closed-loop supply chain with dynamic returns (2015, forthcoming)" (P. De Giovanni), Dynamic Games and Applications, févr. 2015, Vol. 1, Numéro 4, p. 1‑35
  "The benefits of a monitoring strategy for firms subject to the Emissions Trading System" (P. De Giovanni, V. Esposito Vinzi), Transportation Research: Part D, déc. 2014, Vol.  33, Numéro 12, p. 220‑233
  "Is environmental management an economically sustainable business?" (A. Gotschol, P. De Giovanni, V. Esposito Vinzi), Journal of Environmental Management, nov. 2014, Vol. 144, Numéro 1, p. 73‑82
  "The benefits of the emissions trading mechanism for Italian firms: a multi-group analysis" (P. De Giovanni, V. Esposito Vinzi), International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, mars 2014, Vol. 44, Numéro 4, p. 305‑324
  "A two-period game of a closed-loop supply chain" (P. De Giovanni, G. Zaccour), European Journal of Operational Research, janv. 2014, Vol. 232, Numéro 1, p. 22‑40
  "Environmental collaboration through a reverse revenue sharing contract" (P. De Giovanni), Annals of Operations Research, janv. 2014, Vol. 220, Numéro 1, p. 135‑157
  "Recent developments on the operational performance ?Reactivity?. Theoretical conceptualization and quantitative investigation" (P. De Giovanni, A. Cariola, M. Passarelli), European Journal of Operational Research, déc. 2013, Vol. 231, Numéro 3, p. 690‑701
  "Supply Chain Reactivity: teoria ed evidenza empirica" (A. Cariola, P. De Giovanni, M. Passarelli), Sistemi&Impresa, oct. 2013, Vol. 7, Numéro 1, p. 35‑44
  "Overcoming the drawbacks of a Revenue Sharing Contract in a marketing channel through a coop program" (P. De Giovanni, M. Roselli), Annals of Operations Research, juil. 2012, Vol. 196, Numéro 1, p. 201‑222
  "Do Internal and external environmental management contribute to the triple bottom line?" (P. De Giovanni, ), International Journal of Operations and Production Management, juil. 2012, Vol. 32, Numéro 3, p. 265‑290
  "The effects of the job attitudes of supply managers on firm performance: An empirical study of Italian firms" (M. Roselli, P. De Giovanni), International Journal of Management, juin 2012, Vol. 29, Numéro 2, p. 562‑573
  "Covariance versus component-based estimations of performance in green supply chain management" (P. De Giovanni, V. Esposito Vinzi), International Journal of Production Economics, févr. 2012, Vol. 135, Numéro 2, p. 907‑916
  "Recent developments on conformance and design quality dynamics" (P. De Giovanni, M. Roselli), nternational Journal of Decision Sciences, Risk and Management, janv. 2012, Vol. 4, Numéro 1-2, p. 163‑174
  "Quality improvement vs. Advertising support: which strategy works better for a manufacturer? European Journal of Operational Research" (P. De Giovanni), European Journal of Operational Research, janv. 2011, Vol. 208, Numéro 2, p. 119‑130
  "The impact of knowledge tasks and roles on firm success and performance: a structural model." (P. De Giovanni), International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies, janv. 2011, Vol. 4, Numéro 3, p. 265‑280
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  A discrete model of conformance quality and advertising in supply chains. In: Advances in Dynamic and Mean Field Games (avec F. Tramontana). ( ) : Birkhäuser, Cham, Springer Birkhäuser, Cham. 2018, p. 31-51
  Should a retailer support a quality improvements strategy? . In: Annals of the International Society of Dynamic Games. 2013, p. 125-148
  Cost-Revenue Sharing Contract in Closed-loop Supply Chains.. In: Annals of the International Society of Dynamic Games (avec G. Zaccour). : Springer, 2012

Enseignement à l'ESSEC

Operations Management (MS program)

Tech Mgt & New Product Development (Ph.D. program)

Introduction to Decision Theory (Ph.D. program)

Advanced Topics in Decision Theory  (Ph.D. program)

Simulation (Ph.D. program)

Sustainable Innovation (MS program)

Decision Making and Risk Analysis in Projects (MS Program)

Projects Portfolio Management and Entrepreneurial Decisions (MS Program) 

Supply Chain Management: Asian perspectives (Exectutive MBA)

Prix et distinctions

Winner of research project “Network planning and contract design for cross-chain control in cash networks", Project number: 407-13-050. Project financed by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), March 2014.

Winner of scholarship with research project entitled “Supply Chain Management: recent theoretical and empirical evidence”, UNICAL, Italy, approved with D.R.N. 2863 – 27/10/2009.

Winner of scholarship “Young Researcher”, UNICAL, Italy with a research entitled “Diversification and Performance in SME”, approved with D.R.N. 227 - 06/09/2005.

Winner of scholarship “Emissions Trading: an optimization model for allocating CO2 permissions and evaluating scenarios”, approved with D.R.N. 1342 on 29/04/2004.

Activités scientifiques
Communications présentées à des conférences

16th International Symposium Dynamic Games, Amsterdam, 2014

9th International ISDG Workshop, Barcelona, Spain, 2013

4th Workshop on Game Theory in Energy, Resources and Environment ,2012

15th ISDG Symposium, Chateau Liblice (Conference Center of AS CR), Bysice, the Czech Republic, July 19-22, 2012

3rd Workshop of Game Theory in Management Science, Montréal, 2011

8th International ISDG Workshop, Padova, Italy, 2011

Optimization Days Conference, Montreal, Canada, 2011

Informs Annual Meeting, Texas, USA, 2010

2nd Workshop of Dynamic Games and Economics, Rimini, Italy, 2010

International Symposium Dynamic Games, Alberta, Canada, 2010.

Optimization Days, Montreal, Canada, 2010

POMS Conference, Vancouver, Canada, 2010.

Workshop of Game Theory in Marketing Channel, Montréal, 2009

Informs Annual Meeting, San Diego, USA, 2009

10th European Conference of Knowledge Management, Vicenza, Italy, 2009

Informs-Cors, Toronto, USA, 2009

EISBIS, Cagliari, Italy, 2009

Optimization Days, Montréal, 2009

Production and Operations Management Society, Florida, USA, 2009

Informs Annual Meeting, Washington, USA, 2008

PLS-Workshop, Paris, France, 2008

Informs Annual Meeting, Seattle, USA, 2007

Aidea, Italy, Lecce, 2006

14th Workshop in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Verona, Italy, 2005


Consulting project for SOSE -Italy – Monitoring and Planning the Glass Industry, 2009.

Consulting project for Datamat – Italy: The challenges of implementing an Enterprise Requirement Planning, ERP, 2006.

Consulting project for SOSE– Italy: Monitoring and Planning the furniture sector in Italy, 2006.

Consulting project for SOSE – Monitoring and Planning Glass and Cement Industries, 2005.

Consulting project at GlaxoSmithKline Manufacturing in Verona – Italy, 2004.

Expérience professionnelle

Coordinator  of Master in Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain Management, VU Amsterdam, since 2011.

Responsible for the Library Management, VU Amsterdam, since 2011.

Advisor for Master in Management, NOVA SBE, Lisbon, 2010-2011.

Supervision of more than 75 Master students, since 2010.

Supervision of three Ph.D. students, since 2011.

Organizer of conferences and events:

-          16th ISDG Symposium, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, July 9-12, 2014

-          Series of seminars in Operations and Supply Chain Management, 2011.


Visiting Professor at Universita’ deglistudi di Pavia, July-September, 2011

Regular visiting at GERAD (Montreal) 

Seminar given at GERAD entitled “The dynamics of returns: an example of coop programs in Closed-loop Supply Chain with incentives”, 2009.

Seminar given at HEC Montréal entitled “Using Multi-group Analysis for prescriptive analysis: an empirical investigation of SCM and Economic Performance”, 2009.

Visiting Ph.D. candidate at HEC Montréal and Gerad - six months internship, 2009. 

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