A conference by Thakur S. Powdyel, Minister of Education for the Royal Government of Bhutan

The India Research Center in collaboration with the ESSEC Global MBA is pleased to welcome Thakur S. Powdyel for a conference entitled 'Gross National Happiness and Sustainable, Green Education.


Thakur S. Powdyel, Minister of Education for the Royal Government of BhutanBhutan is a small country in the Himalayas, counting barely 700,000 inhabitants, situated between India and the Tibet Autonomous Region in China.
Beyond the magnificent natural scenery, the image of the country that resonates most with visitors is the importance placed upon culture and tradition, which unifies the kingdom and clearly distinguishes it from its larger neighbors.
In Bhutan, profound teachings rooted in the Buddhist tradition are preserved and continue to exercise a powerful influence on every aspect of life. In this context, Bhutan has set itself apart politically with the establishment of the GNH, Gross National Happiness, an index put in place in 1972 to replace the GNP and which is based upon the following four criteria:

  • the promotion of sustainable development
  • the preservation and promotion of cultural values
  • conservation of the natural environment
  • the establishment of good governance

We look forward to seeing you at this unique and prestigious conference on Thursday October 27th, at 5:00 pm, in room F025.

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