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Key areas of instruction

  • Basics of finance
  • Personal development
  • Economics
  • Risk management
  • Financial engineering and financial products
  • Seminars
  • Trading activity to become familiar with placing orders

Study trip

  • The Financial Engineering Asia track of the Advanced Master’s in Financial Techniques offers a field trip of two to three days in an international financial center. Students will gain better insight into various financial specializations (portfolio management, structured products, private equity, etc.) through their contact with professionals.
  • In addition to the professional aspect, this trip represents a unique opportunity for the students to have an enriching human experience and create a team spirit setting the stage for a year of shared emotions and day-to-day challenges

The in-company placement and professional thesis

  • A major step toward successful entry into the professional world, the in-company placement takes place between May and October, either in France or abroad, with investment banks, financial intermediaries, investors, fund management companies and consulting firms.
  • The placement meets a specific need of the company and combines analysis and operational implementation. It constitutes the topic of the professional thesis in connection with the year’s study subjects and is the culmination of the program.
  • 50% of student placements are obtained through the ESSEC network.

A few examples of student theses:

  • BNP Paribas: “Sensitivity and determination of a coverage strategy for a risk arbitrage book”
  • Calyon: “Financing for municipalities and management of associated risks”
  • CBRE Investors France: “Creating and managing a property company in an unpredictable economic environment”
  • Crédit Suisse Asset Management: “Alternative investment: a fourth asset class”
  • France Télécom: “Foreign exchange risks linked to roaming operations”