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A dual skill set to enter a management career with a strategic vision of priority areas in food and healthcare

The agri-foods sector, and more generally related sectors such as healthcare and services (mass distribution, food services, etc.)are currently faced with a number of challenges centered around key areas such as nutrition, sustainability, food and energy sourcing and internationalization.

For all management functions, succeeding in this sector means being fully knowledgeable of all aspects of its markets (adapting global brands to local consumers, competition, distribution, regulations) and the constraints linked to the perishable nature of food products and their impact on the health of those who consume them.

It also means becoming a resource for partners, whether in category management, marketing, supply chain, purchasing or management control.

Career prospects

Graduates of this Advanced Master’s program find positions quickly. They work in various business areas (finance, management, marketing, supply chain logistics, purchasing, international trade, auditing and consulting) and are able to understand interfaces and acquire cross-functional skills.

The sectors open to them cover a wide range of agri-food industries: upstream sectors, agricultural supply, intermediate food products, processing, mass distribution, food services, etc.

Typical students profile

  • Fluency in French is required
  • 80% engineers (agri-foods, agriculture, chemicals, etc.) and scientists (biology, pharmaceuticals, medicine, veterinary, etc.)
  • 20% economics, management, law, political science students
  • Average age: 24
  • 13% have professional experience and 5% are international students