Advanced Master's entry 2011

François David, Chairman of COFACE has given inaugural lecture for this 2011 entry


François David
Chairman of COFACE

After attending the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (a college for senior civil servants),François David began his career in 1969 at the French Ministry for Finances. He chose tojoin the Department for Foreign Economic Relations (DREE), where he progressed throughall the ranks, reaching the post of director in 1987. During that period, he was called tobecome a member of the Cabinet of the Ministry for Foreign Trade in 1978 and was calledback again in 1986 to become the director of this Cabinet. With the political climatebeing particularly rich at that time, François David took part inter alia in GATT negotiations. In 1990, he left the Ministry to become international managing director ofthe company Aérospatiale.

In 1994, François David was appointed chairman of the newly privatised French company,Coface. He rapidly followed up privatisation with many other big changes; the first beingthe diversification of Coface’s product lines. To complement the credit insurance offer,aimed particularly at export activities, he oversaw the development of new informationand receivables management tools. He also worked to expand Coface on an internationallevel.

François David is a board member of the following companies: Areva, Lagardère SCA,Vinci, Rexel. He is also member of the board of the National Order of the Legion ofHonour.

He has also written many books on exports, international trade and economic relations.He has been awarded the following honours: Commandeur de la Légion d’Honneur,Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite, Officier du Mérite Agricole and Officier dansl’ordre de Saint-Charles (Monaco).

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