Financing your studies

Financing your studies

Because diversity is one of ESSEC’s founding values, many types of financing are available to help students pursue their education with peace of mind. ESSEC scholarships, apprenticeships, partnerships with companies and agreements with financial institutions are some of the options available to help students develop their personal career development plan.

ESSEC scholarships

ESSEC offers scholarships and solidarity funds depending on the income of the student's fiscal household. This aid covers only some part of tuition fees and students are highly recommended to seek for additional financing. They are available to all students in their initial program. ESSEC has also set up a solidarity fund to provide occasional assistance to students experiencing hardships.

CROUS scholarships

French State higher education scholarships (CROUS) are reserved for French citizens and international students residing permanently in France and enrolled in EPSCI and Grande Ecole programs. They must provide French income tax statements for the two years prior to their admission at ESSEC. Future first-year students must ask their preparatory school to transfer their records to CROUS in Versailles, indicating the school at which they plan to enroll. The transfer must take place within 15 days of the release of the entrance exam results.


Apprenticeships allow students to alternate the theory they learn at ESSEC with real-world professional experience in a company while also financing their studies. The companies with which the students sign an apprenticeship agreement cover their tuition and pay them a salary during the entire term of the contract. Apprenticeships are available to students in EPSCI, Grande Ecole and certain Advanced Master’s programs.

More information is available on the site of ESSEC’s Apprentice Training Center (Centre de Formation des Apprentis or CFA).

Bank loans

Banks in Cergy offer ESSEC students loans at preferential rates, with repayment beginning at the end of their first year of work following the study program. ESSEC has also established a partnership with the bank Le Crédit Lyonnais in Cergy to offer financing covering full standard tuition over a maximum period of eight years. No loan surety is required if the student is a citizen of France. Miscellaneous expenses and contributions remain the responsibility of the student.