Blazing new trails with the FinTech track

10-10-2019 / Source: ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific
Blazing new trails with the FinTech track

Specialised FinTech track in ESSEC’S Master in Finance places students at the forefront of the digital finance revolution.

In this age of ever-evolving digitalization, financial technology or FinTech is revolutionizing global financial systems – and beyond. Not only has FinTech transformed how financial institutions assess risk, make decisions and manage operations, it has also paved the way for digital start-ups to thrive with analytics- and data-based finesse. Even the largest social media, food, and retail companies are riding this new wave by providing seamless, unified experiences at consumers’ fingertips.

This illustrates why nearly US$100 billion has flowed into FinTech ventures since 2010, with investment ballooning from US$1.89 in 2010 to US$27 billion in 2017*. This increase in FinTech spending is expected to continue as the Asia-Pacific and African markets are driving a significant share of market growth.

Finance professionals who stand on the cutting edge of this movement, therefore, are in rising demand. Recognizing the acceleration of FinTech and how it infiltrates almost every aspect of the real world, ESSEC has recently added a FinTech track to its highly-regarded Master in Finance (MIF) program.    

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