"Inspiration can come from anywhere"- MIM JCE Trip to Cambodia

31-03-2020 / Source: ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific

"Inspiration can come from anywhere"
The life of Rithy is a perfect example of it. 

During our Junior Consultant Experience (JCE) trip, we interacted with many locals including Cambodian students, workers, and businessmen. Besides working on interesting business cases with the non-governmental organizations (NGOs), we also had a chance to visit two Cambodian start-ups (KOMPI and First Cambodia) to gain insights into Cambodia’s many industries (good to specify which industries).

One of the most interesting experiences was meeting Rithy Thul, the co-founder of KOMPI. He was an unconventional entrepreneur and his life story helped us understand that there are many different ways to achieving success.

After dropping out of high school, he started cycling so he could explore the world. What started out as a short plan, ended up being two years. He found it a good escape from the fast-paced world of today. He wanted to stay true to what he loved, and held several jobs juggling between cycling, being a tour guide, a real-estate agent and other jobs. However, the desire to achieve something meaningful in life pushed him to look into entrepreneurship and by 2011, he co-founded Cambodia's first co-working space. He thus built his first company "Small World", a manufacturing company that creates laptops at a low cost.

Rithy also began to focus on tech startups which were booming at that period. His venture capital company, KOMPI, currently has vested interests in multiple startups.

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