Visit To JCDecaux SG Headquarters

01-02-2019 / ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific
Visit To JCDecaux SG Headquarters

JCDeaux Company Visit - 1

As students in the Marketing Management and Digital (MMD) program, we have the privilege of visiting JCDecaux’s Headquarters in Singapore. For us, it was truly an eye-opening and gratifying experience to be on the premises of a such a dominant and influential global advertising firm.

Company Visit to JCDecaux - 1a

Company Visit to JCDecaux - 2

Thanks to the Director of our program, Associate Professor Tuck Siong Chung, we were introduced to JCDecaux’s Singapore Marketing & Communication Director, Ms. Isaline Duminil. She explained to us the company’s operations in Singapore and their keys Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising assets.

Company Visit to JCDecaux - 3

In her briefing, Ms. Duminil demonstrated the innovative executions of outdoor advertising that were made possible by digital innovations. Situational relevant (e.g. weather) advertisings, integrations with mobile apps and virtual reality technologies were used to capture the attention of consumers.

Company Visit to JCDecaux - 4

Company Visit to JCDecaux - 4a

As business school students, we were always exposed to the changing facets of marketing in class. This visit helped to broaden our perspective on how marketing can be creatively executed taking into account the different target audiences, the different context the audiences are in, and the unique aspects of the brands they were advertising.

Company Visit to JCDecaux - 5

The most exciting outcome of the visit is that we will have the opportunity to apply our knowledge and skills through a hands-on challenge. We will be doing an OOH marketing plan for three multinational companies from the Luxury, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and E-commerce sector. We will benefit greatly from the application of what we learned in our program onto real life cases that spans different industries with unique needs and demands. The project also serves to reinforce our analytical skills in marketing.

Company Visit to JCDecaux - 6

Company Visit to JCDecaux - 7

This project is a great opportunity for us to work on real life projects for renowned companies, to increase our school visibility and to showcase our multiple competencies as MMD students. This experience will also help us discover the intricacies and expectations in a real job setting and the skill set sought after by recruiters. We would like to thank ESSEC and JCDecaux for making such an experience possible.

Rémi Laveille
Class of 2019
MSc in Marketing Management & Digital

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