ESSEC Ventures

ESSEC Ventures

Helping Students Make Their Dreams a Reality

ESSEC Ventures is the structure for ESSEC entrepreneurs. It consists of training programs, an incubator, a talent incubator, a dedicated seed fund and events that bring entrepreneurs and investors together.

Since its creation, ESSEC Ventures:

  • 481 incubated projects
  • 365 created companies
  • 72%, 5-year survival rate (compared with 30% average)
  • €400 million raised in equity by the startups
  • 38 companies funded by the ESSEC Ventures seed fund
  • 45 external partnership agreement signed
  • 70 prizes won by our startups in 2016
  • 9,300 followers on social networks

ESSEC Ventures Students’ incubator

The ESSEC Ventures Incubator is located at the Cergy-Pontoise campus. It offers logistical and administrative support to student-launched startups.

The requirements for admission are the following:

  • The project team must include at least one current ESSEC student (BBA, MBA and Specialized Master’s Programs)
  • The project must have a fully designed business plan
  • The average incubation period is 9 months but can be shortened or extended depending upon the start-up needs and/or arbitration of the Director.

The business incubator

The ESSEC startup nursery is located at the La Défense campus, in the heart of Paris’ business district. The nursery is for those startups that have already been launched and are in the development phase.  Immersing startups in an ecosystem favorable to growth, the Nursery helps young firms develop by offering participants:

  • comfortable open spaces in which to brainstorm,
  • access to a network of business partners,
  • one-on-one coaching, and synergies with various Executive Education programs.

Paris Biotech Health Incubator

ESSEC is also co-founder with Inserm, Ecole Paris Central, and the University of Paris V, of the Paris Biotech Health Incubator, specializing in the health and life sciences industries. 

The Seed Fund

The ESSEC Ventures seed capital fund invests in selected projects with high growth potential during the early phase of development.


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ESSEC Ventures is part of the French Tech.
ESSEC Ventures is also partner for the French Tech Visa, the fast-track procedure which allows international entrepreneurs to set up their startup in France.

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