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Entrepreneurial spirit is one of the defining characteristics of ESSEC graduates: Students from an array of different programs receive entrepreneurship training and are regularly encouraged to experiment with new business ideas. 

Undergraduate and graduate programs:

  • Entrepreneurship track, ESSEC Master of Science in Management

Led by Professor Hamid Bouchikhi, the Entrepreneurship Track is open to students enrolled in the Master of Science in Management program. The track introduces students to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, and goes further in depth for those students wishing to acquire the advanced tools necessary to design and implement a start-up business plan.

This multidisciplinary and practical approach to entrepreneurship gives students the ability to use what they’ve learned as ESSEC management students to pave their own way in the international entrepreneurial landscape.

This track is highly recommended for students who would like to benefit from the operational support of ESSEC Ventures [LINK] incubators and seed fund.

The Entrepreneurship Track is offered in partnership with the Management Department.

  • Social Entrepreneurship Chair

ESSEC launched its Social Entrepreneurship Chair in 2002 – it was the first of its kind in France. This Chair produces theoretical as well as applied research, organizes conferences, and provides students with work experience opportunities.

  • ESSEC-Centrale Specialized Master in Entrepreneurship

Designed and delivered in partnership with Ecole Centrale Paris, ESSEC’s strategic ally, this program gives students all the skills they will need to develop a business plan and manage a new business: read more

  • Innovative Product Creation (CPI) Program

Designed and delivered in partnership with Ecole Centrale Paris and Strate College Design School, the CPI program aims to support innovative corporate culture – by familiarizing both students and partnering businesses with the concept. Since 2004, the CPI organization has been working with engineering, design and marketing students, as well as partnering firms, to help encourage the development of new products, services, and processes.

Executive Education:

ESSEC Executive Education programs set themselves apart by their immersion in the entrepreneurial culture which is so dear to us at ESSEC. This is especially true for programs like the Executive MBA, whose main focus is entrepreneurship.

  • Entrepreneurship specialized modules

ESSEC Executive Education offers a range of modules specifically designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. These practical modules cover everything from how to design/validate a business model, when and how to go to market with an innovative product and how to finance a start-up, to building and managing a team and fostering intrapreneurship projects within established firms.

  • Women in Entrepreneurship

Many women seek to start their business as a means circumvent the glass ceiling. ESSEC offers training specifically designed for women, created in partnership with women's professional networks, and designed to provide them with the fundamentals of starting their own business: law, marketing, and strategy. Throughout their journey, they are supported in the best possible conditions to help them grow and development of their projects.

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