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Give meaning to the leadership of tomorrow

True to its pioneering spirit, ESSEC has a duty to be at the forefront in order to give meaning to the leadership of tomorrow. Our ambition is to become a world-school with French roots and global impact.

This ambition is based on the excellence and the distinctiveness of ESSEC to offer a unique and relevant learning experience that is as closely aligned as possible with today’s world.

Our mission is, more than ever, to accompany our students, participants and companies to evolve in this world in perpetual change by calling upon the research, innovation and human values which have always driven us.

Our role is first and foremost to train the next generations for them to effectively enter the corporate world and have a positive impact on business and society. Managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow will have to demonstrate a critical and creative way of thinking, a capacity to test, learn and execute rapidly, as well as an aptitude to communicate and work with those around them in a responsible manner, and for the common good. They will have to develop skills in terms of openness, analysis, and adaptation to the new jobs of the future.

But our role goes even further: we must have a positive impact on companies, the economy, society and on this ever-changing world.

To anticipate and facilitate transformation and change, and influence them, we must strengthen our commitment to cutting-edge and relevant research capable of nourishing the economy and society, and to shed light on current challenges as well as those to come.

To meet the needs and stakes of our students, participants, companies and more widely the expectations of today’s society, ESSEC must turn towards the world arena and position itself as a reference business school, renowned for its quality and values, by the academic, professional and public communities.

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