Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities

Tangible means to promote equal opportunities.

A top business school – why not me?

Created in 2002, this program offers support and coaching to underprivileged high school students, teaching them to strive for excellence and manage pressures while giving them the tools to succeed in a top university. Nearly 1,000 students from 10 high schools and 2 junior high schools have taken part in this program to date. Meanwhile, some 500 ESSEC students have volunteered to tutor, 50 professors have offered their support, and more than 20 companies have participated in the program.

For every talent

Encouraged by this experience, ESSEC has since increased its support of other equal opportunity programs like the Prépas Egalité des Chances CAP ESSEC and CAP BBA, to help open doors to leading institutions like ESSEC. In addition, ESSEC offers multiple financial aid programs to make higher education accessible, regardless of cost.

A SPOC to prepare students for higher education studies

To take this initiative even further, in 2015 the Equal opportunities center launched a SPOC (small private online course) called “Preparing for higher education” for junior and senior high school students.

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