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"The international reputation of our institution is mainly made by the excellence of our Faculty in both research and pedagogy. As such, we aim at recruiting professors educated in the world’s most prestigious institutions with a decisively international outlook, a world class research profile and proven pedagogical skills so as to support educational and academic excellence. In coherence with the institutional culture of ESSEC, we also look for dedicated and proactive professors with a taste for innovation and a spirit of initiative." Vincenzo Esposito-Vinzi, Dean of the Faculty

Our commitment: openness and a collegiate spirit

All applications received by the Dean’s service are examined by the relevant department. 
Pre-selected applications are ratified by the Dean and the Dean’s service handles organization of recruitment commissions according to a very open procedure that is the same for all candidates.

The final joint decision involves the department in question, other members of the Faculty, the Dean, the Director of Research, the Program Directors and the President.

Announcements / available positions

• ESSEC Accounting and Management Control Department invites applications for a newly created Chair of excellence in financial reporting.
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• The department of Economics invites applications for a Research Chair.
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• ESSEC invites applications for a full-time Advanced Assistant / Associate Professor of Economics, with a specialization in Industrial Organization or other related applied microeconomics areas.
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• ESSEC Department of Accounting and Management Control invites applications for the position of Assistant Professor.
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• ESSEC Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department invites applications for a full-time faculty position.
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• ESSEC Management Department is recruiting for tenure-track faculty positions at assistant level (Strategy and Entrepreneurship specializations).
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• ESSEC Law Department invites applications for a faculty position. The rank of the position (tenure-track assistant professor, tenured associate professor or full professor) will depend on the established experience and the publication record of the applicant.
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• ESSEC Public and Private Policy Department invites applications for full-time faculty position in social innovation.
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• ESSEC Finance Department is opening tenure track positions for assistant/associate professors in all fields.
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• ESSEC Management Department invites applications for three positions at the Assistant/Associate Professor level in:
- International Management / Strategy (IM/S)
- Organizational Behavior (OB)
- Entrepreneurship (ENT)
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• ESSEC Management Department seeks a senior scholar to serve the inaugural Research Chair in the Department.
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