Introducing ESSEC’s reimagined Global MBA: A customizable program aligning Digital Savoir-Faire, Entrepreneurship, and Responsible Leadership


ESSEC Business School, a top-tier French business school, has unveiled the redesign of its Global MBA program. This remodeled program, launching in September 2024, aligns with participant expectations and market demands, resulting in a customizable experience designed to provide participants with the skills they need to fast-track their career in their chosen industry.

ESSEC’s Global MBA program has received a comprehensive overhaul to create a unique program that participants can tailor to their needs on their journey to a high-impact career. The program focuses on key business challenges: innovation and entrepreneurship, strategic sustainability, and digital leadership. It’s designed to prepare participants for roles in key industries: luxury, finance, consulting, and product management.

Strategic alignment to meet market demands

These topics are perfectly aligned with ESSEC’s strategy and expertise and address the needs of future leaders. All participants will receive coaching on the above topics to prepare them for the challenges facing our society, with the new curriculum offering increased flexibility. The program has been tailored to align with market demands and prepare graduates to thrive and make an impact.

International reach

The ESSEC Global MBA welcomes participants from all over the world, allowing them to grow their professional networks and form a truly global cohort. The program includes international field trips, the option to study on two of ESSEC’s international campuses and features outstanding international faculty.

A flexible, personalized experience

The program focuses on empowering participants to become globally-oriented responsible business leaders. Participants will choose electives across courses on sustainability, digital leadership, and innovation. These elective clusters will be combined with career learning labs on luxury, finance, consulting and product management. These are dedicated workshops and learning expeditions led by experienced professionals, designed to develop specialized skill sets and cutting-edge industry knowledge. They offer valuable insights, skill-building, and networking opportunities, building on ESSEC’s expertise, alumni network, and savoir-faire. Participants customize their experience to achieve their personal career goals. After graduation, career opportunities could include roles like luxury e-retail manager, digital product manager, and ESG consultant.

Learning by doing

ESSEC’s philosophy is “Learning by doing”, and the program’s curriculum reflects that. In addition to their classes, participants will also complete either an internship, a global field project or a venture project. Participants will take part in leadership development projects throughout the year to enhance their leadership skills in their target sector.

Dr. David Sluss, the program’s academic director and an expert in leadership, adds, “ The ESSEC Global MBA has been redesigned to prepare participants to become global leaders. We have expanded our focus to provide a globally integrated journey that helps you become an innovative, responsible, and digital- savvy leader prepared to succeed in high-return & high-impact careers.
...No matter your aspirations, our ESSEC Global MBA has a career-accelerating experience waiting for you.”

The updated ESSEC Global MBA offers a boutique program with a small cohort so that participants get the most of their experience. By “learning by doing” and gaining hands-on experience in the concentration of their choice, participants will receive the necessary tools for becoming digitally savvy, responsible leaders.

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