ESSEC Global BBA - Applying with an International High School Diploma









*100€ for the Cergy Track;

**100 SGD for the Singapore track

This non-refundable fee is to be paid upon registration.



100 €*

100 SGD**



* France Campus :

For the total duration of the program (4 years), annual tuition stands at 13,750€* per year, to be paid before August 31st.

To secure your seat, an administrative fee of 5,500€* applies. This non-refundable fee is then reducted from your tuition fees.


**Singapore Campus :

For the total duration of the program (4years), annual tuition fees stand at $22,600SGD*** per year (including GST).

To secure your seat, an administrative fee of $4,000SGD**(including GST) applies. This non-refundable fee is then deducted from your tuition fees.

Tuition fees in Singapore can be paid in 2 equal installments in August and December.




13 750 €*






22 600SGD**




Alumni association life-long membership (distributed in annual installments over the program)



 1 600 €

ESSEC Scholarships

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Description: To sustain the academic excellence of the Global BBA, ESSEC Business School offers scholarships to the most outstanding international candidates.

Eligibility: Open to all applicants and awarded on the basis of the overall quality of their application i.e. academic excellence demonstrated in the file and in the selection interview.

Amount: Can cover up to 25% of total tuition fees.

Scholarship decisions are made during the application procedure. Selected students will be notified upon being offered a place on the program.

Regional Diversity Scholarship

Description: Varied cultural perspectives and backgrounds enhance the education and experience of all our students as well as being a key factor in the excellence of our programs. With this in mind, ESSEC seeks to create further diversity in its already diverse student body.

Eligibility: Be a citizen of a country in one of the following regions: Africa, Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe (except France), North America and South America.

Amount: Up to 25% of total tuition fees.

Scholarship decisions are made during the application procedure. They are awarded to applicants having demonstrated academic excellence and a strong international background in both their application file and interview. Selected students will be notified upon being offered a place on the program.

Other Scholarships

CROUS Scholarships

French State higher education scholarships (CROUS) and scholarships granted by certain regions or local authorities help make it possible for students to finance their ESSEC Global BBA programme. The scholarships are managed by the CROUS de Versailles; however the Office of Student Affairs must first validate your status as a student.

The scholarships are reserved for French citizens and international students residing permanently in France and enrolled in the ESSEC Global BBA programme. They must provide French income tax statements for the two years prior to their admission at ESSEC.

Applications must be submitted between 15th January and 30th April for the following academic year. To find out more about how and when to submit your application:

Scholarships for International Students

In order to help international students in their search for financing options, Campus France has set up a search engine allowing you to find scholarships for which you may be eligible.

For more information: Campus Bourses - Grant search engine

LIFE Scholarships (Lebanese students only)

A platform to channel the influence of Lebanese finance executives worldwide in order to establish stronger bonds, nurture the next generation and promote Lebanon. 


1. Be Lebanese or of Lebanese descent.

2. Achieve and maintain academic excellence.

3. Demonstrate interest in pursuing a career in Finance. 

4. Be in financial need. 


Up to 12 000$ per year for the duration of the academic programme. 

Application procedure: 

ESSEC submits applications for LIFE Scholarships on your behalf. 


Bank Loans


Banks in Cergy offer ESSEC students loans at preferential rates, which can be paid back following graduation. ESSEC has also established a partnership with the bank Le Crédit Lyonnais LCL in Cergy to offer financing that covers full tuition fees for any of our academic programmes.

Loan applicants are required to have a guarantor living in France. According to the banks, the guarantor must earn enough to cover the monthly loan payments but also either be a French citizen, a close family member and/or both. Additional fees and expenses will be the responsibility of the student.

Loan Amount: Variable

Duration: can last approximately eight years including deferred payment.

US Federal & Private Loans

Many US citizens or permanent residents opt to take out the US Federal Stafford and private Sallie Mae loans. These loans can cover up to the full cost of attendance and all applicants having a co-signer in the US are eligible for these loan programmes. ESSEC is listed as “ESSEC Business School", and has a code number of G30959.

More information on Sallie Mae

More information on US Federal loans


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