Adrian Zicari
Teaching Professor, Accounting and Management Control Department
Director of the Center of Excellence Management and Society (CEMAS)

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Doctor en Administración – UNR, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina

MBA – U. Adolfo Ibanez, Chile (AACSB accredited institution)                     

Contador Publico Nacional (BSc Accounting) – UNR, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina

Diploma en Gestión Estratégica de la Calidad, Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires

Postgraduate program in university teaching, Universidad de Buenos Aires

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Certified Internal Auditor

Research Areas

Financial and Reporting issues of Corporate Sustainability




Academic Publications
  Comptabilité de gestion et pilotage des coûts. (with F. Cavélius, P. Bonneault, ML. Gomez, M. Gordin, P. Lorino, N. Mottis). Paris (France)  : Pearson, 2016

  "Designing ethical Management Control: Overcoming the harmful effect of Management Control Systems on Job-Related Stress" (L. Stefan, B. Leca, A. Zicari, V. Cassarin), Journal of Business Ethics, Issue forthcoming
  "Back to Basics or Ready to Take-off? The Tensions on the Role of Management Controllers in the Digital Age" (F. Cavelius, C. Endenich, A. Zicari), Comptabilité Contrôle Audit, Issue forthcoming
  "Sustainability as a Driver for Value Creation: a Business Model Analysis of Small and Medium Entreprises in the Italian Wine Sector" (L. Broccardo, A. Zicari), journal of Cleaner Production, Issue forthcoming
  "Organic companies business model: emerging profiles in Italian Biodistricts" (E. Truant, L. Broccardo, A. Zicari), British Food Journal, Mar 2019, Vol. 121, Issue 9 Vol.121(9), pp.2067-2085, p. 2067‑2085
  "Internal corporate sustainability drivers: What evidence from family firms? A literature review and research agenda" (L. Broccardo, E. Truant, A. Zicari), Corporate social responsibility and Environmental Manager, Issue 1
  "Don't judge a book by its cover! Comparative study of the adaptation and evolution of CSR reporting by telecommunication companies in Brazil and South Korea" (H. Shin, A. Zicari), Advances in Environmental Accounting and Management, Issue 1
  "Keys to successful implementation of a French national quality indicator in health care organizations" (M. Waelli, ML. Gomez, C. Sicotte, A. Zicari, JY. Bonnefond, P. Lorino, E. Minvielle), BMC Health Services Research, Oct 2016, Vol. 16, Issue 553, p. 1‑0
  "Responsabilidad Social Empresarial en Mercados Financieros: Una perspectiva desde América Latina" (A. Zicari), Cuadernos de RSO, Issue 1
  "Value-added reporting as a tool for sustainability: a Latin American experience" (A. Zicari, L. Perera Aldama), Corporate governance The international journal of business in society, Dec 2012, Vol. 12, Issue Issue 4, p. 485‑498
  "L'usage des indicateurs de performance sur la qualité-sécurité des soins" (ML. Gomez, M. Waelli, A. Zicari, JY. Bonnefond, P. Lorino, C. Sicotte, E. Minvielle), Journal de Gestion et d'Economie Médicales, Dec 2012, Vol. 30, Issue 7-8, p. 455‑468
  "Responsible Funds: a perspective from an emerging capital market" (A. Zicari), Economies et Sociétés, Nov 2010, Vol. Série "Entreprise et finance" , Issue KF no. 1, p. 1847‑1861
  "Medioambiente: un lastre o una oportunidad para la Argentina?" (A. Zicari), Dialogo Politico, Mar 2010, Vol. 1, Year XXVII, Issue 2010, p. 173‑188 (This review is edited by Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany) and it is published in Buenos Aires, in Spanish)
  "El Cuarto Estado Contable" (A. Zicari, L. Perera), Harvard Business Review Latin American Edition, Issue November 09
  "Crisis y desconcierto. Algunas ideas para comprender la situacion actual" (A. Zicari), Cultura Economica, Dec 2008, Vol. An. XXVI / XXVII, Issue 73 / 74, p. 56‑61
  "Finanzas personales y ciclo de vida" (A. Zicari), Invenio, Jul 2008
  "Fondos Responsables" (A. Zicari), Invenio, Sep 2007

  A forgotten issue: fiscal responsibility in the CSR debate. In: The critical state of social responsibility in Europe (with C. Renouard). Bingley (UK) : Emerald, Ralph Tench, Brian Jones, William Sun. 2018, p. 243-259
  Sustainability Indices in Latin America, can financial markets push for CSR?. In: Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance. Bingley (UK) : Emerald, David Crowther, Lucely Vargas Preciado, Lina Gomez. 2017, p. 3-20
  Value-Added Statements as a Communication Tool for Stakeholders: The Case of Industrias Peñoles in Mexi. In: Stakeholder Engagement: Clinical Research Cases. Cham (Switzerland) : Springer, R. Edward Freeman, Johanna Kujala and Sybille Sachs. 2017, p. 193-214
  Value Distribution in State-Owned Firms: The Case of Two Companies in Uruguay. In: Studies in Managerial and Financial Accounting (with L. Perera Aldama). Bingley (UK) : Emerald, Antonio Davila, Marc Epstein, Jean-François Manzoni. 2014, p. 317-335
  L'investissement socialement responsable en Amérique Latine . In: ISR & Finance Responsable. Paris (France) : Ellipses, Nicolas Mottis. 2014, p. 243-254
  Can one Report be Reached? The Challenge of Integrating Different Perspectives on Corporate Performance. In: Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability. Bingle, West Yorkshire (UK) : Emerald, Ralph Tench, William Sun, Brian Jones. 2014, p. 201-216
  Barajar y dar de nuevo. El debate por las nuevas reglas en los mercados financieros internacionales. In: Uso estratégico del derecho. Caracas (Venezuela) : Venezualan Law & Economics Association, Julia Barragán, Manuel Torres, Nelson Lara. 2010, p. 73-86 (financial markets, crisis, regulation)
  Fondos Responsables, una exploracion de su viabilidad en el mercado argentino. In: Responsabilidad Social Empresaria. Teorias y experiencias. Caracas (Venezuela) : Velea. Venezuelan Economics and Law Association, Velea. Venezuelan Law and Economics Association. 2008

Professional Publications
  Análisis financiero. Buenos Aires (Argentina)  : Edicon - Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Económicas, 2011
  Fondos Eticos. Factores sociales y ambientales en carteras de inversion. Buenos Aires (Argentina)  : Edicon. Editorial Consejo Ciencias Economicas Buenos Aires, 2008
  Responsabilidad Social Empresaria, una vision financiera. Buenos Aires (Argentina)  : Edicon, Editorial Consejo Ciencias Economicas Buenos Aires, 2007

  "Estadísticas Públicas, una brújula sin norte?" (A. Zicari), Responsabilidad y Sostenibilidad, Dec 2009, Vol. Diciembre 2009, Issue Diciembre 2009, p. 46‑46
  "Financiamiento practico de Pymes" (A. Zicari), Enfoques. Contabilidad y Auditoria, Nov 2009, Vol. 10th anniversary edition, Issue november 2009, p. 122‑`127
  "Puede haber RS en nuestros mercados financieros" (A. Zicari), RS Responsabilidad Sostenibilidad, Sep 2009, Vol. 12, Issue 12, p. 26‑28
  "La Responsabilidad Social y las Finanzas" (A. Zicari), Dialogo Politico, Mar 2007

  Algunas reflexiones acerca del Cuarto Estado Contable. In: El Cuarto Estado Contable. La dimensión económico-social de los reportes de sustentabilidad. Buenos Aires (Argentina) : Edicon, Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Económicas de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, Edicon, Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Económicas de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2013, p. 161-175

Other Publications
Press articles
  "Cuanto cuesta la RSE?". Mercados y Tendencias, 28 Aug 2009, p. 122-122
  "La Responsabilidad Social y las Finanzas". Dialogo Politico, 01 Mar 2007

Book reviews
  "Corporate Social Irresponsibility: a challenging concept". (R. Tench, W. Sun, B. Jones) Revista Internacional de Relaciones Públicas, 2014, vol. IV no. 8, Issue 1, p. 245-248

Teaching at ESSEC

Since 2009-2010)

Outils comptables de pilotage (since 2009-2010)

Management Accounting (for SMIB programme, since 2009-2010)

Other Teaching Activities

University teaching

Teacher and academic coordinator, MBA in Finance, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2007-2008.

Finance professor, postgraduate courses, Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2005-2008

Finance professor, undergraduate courses, Universidad UCEL, Rosario, Argentina, 2004-2007 

Executive courses

Universidad CEMA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2007-2008

IEEC, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2000-2008

Visiting professor at:
U Santa Maria, 2006 and U de Valparaiso, 2006 (Both in Chile).

Scientific Activities
Editorial Board Membership
  Cuadernos de RSO, Universidad Católica del Uruguay
  Ciencias Económicas, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe, Argenitna
  Management Decision, Emerald (Member of the Editorial Advisory Board)

Professional Experience

Controller at Hospital Universitario Austral Perez Companc, Pilar, Argentina (1998-2002)

Financial Manager at Sanatorio Parque (private hospital), Rosario, Argentina (1990-1996)

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