Anne-Claire Pache
Professor, Public and Private Policy Department
Chaired Professor in Philanthropy

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Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior - INSEAD
Master in Public Administration (2001) - Major in Non Profit Management- HARVARD UNIVERSITY, John F. Kennedy School of Government
Master in Urban Planning (1996) - ECOLE NATIONALE DES PONTS ET CHAUSSEES
BA in management (1994) - ESSEC Business School

Academic Publications
  Vers une philanthropie stratégique. (with P. Frumkin, A. Gautier). Paris (France)  : Odile Jacob, 2020
  Changer d'Echelle: Manuel pour maximiser l'impact des entreprises sociale. Paris (France)  : ESSEC Publishing, 2014
  La Philanthropie : Une affaire de familles. (with A. Gautier). Paris (France)  : Autrement, 2014

  "Les clés d'une gestion hybride réussie" (J. Battilana, AC. Pache, M. Sengul, M. Kimsey), Harvard Business Review, Jul 2019, Vol. Août-Septembre 2019, Issue 4, p. 67-75
  "The Dual Purpose Playbook: What it really takes to do good and do well at the same time" (J. Battilana, AC. Pache, M. Sengul, M. Kimsey), Harvard Business Review, Mar 2019, Vol. March-April 2019, Issue 4
  "What Keeps Corporate Volunteers Engaged: Extending the Volunteer Work Design Model with Self-determination Theory Insights" (S. Van Schie, G. Arthur, AC. Pache, S. Güntert), Journal of Business Ethics, Jun 2018
  "From caring entrepreneur to caring enterprise: Addressing the ethical challenges of scaling up social enterprises" (K. André, AC. Pache), Journal of Business Ethics (2014)
  "Harnessing productive tensions in hybrid organizations: The case of work integration social enterprises" (J. Battilana, M. Sengul, AC. Pache, J. Model), Academy of Management Journal, Dec 2015, Vol. 58, Issue 6, p. 1658‑1683
  "Donations within limits" (S. Sandford, AC. Pache, A. Gautier), Stanford Social Innovation Review, Nov 2015, Vol. 1, Issue 1 , p. 20‑25
  "Making hybrids work: Aligning business models and organizational design for social enterprises" (F. Santos, AC. Pache), California Management Review, May 2015
  "A Global Family Affair" (AC. Pache, A. Gautier), Stanford Social Innovation Review, Jun 2014, Vol. 1, Issue 1, p. 61‑62
  "Evaluer l'impact social d'une entreprise sociale: Points de repères" (E. Stievenart, AC. Pache), Revue Internationale de l'Economie Sociale, Jan 2014, Vol. 331, Issue 1, p. 76‑92
  "Research on corporate philanthropy: A review and assessment" (A. Gautier, AC. Pache), Journal of Business Ethics, Nov 2013, p. 1‑27
  "Inside the hybrid organization: Selective coupling as a response to competing institutional logics" (AC. Pache, F. Santos), Academy of Management Journal, Aug 2013, Vol. 56, Issue 4, p. 972‑1001
  "Embedded in hybrid contexts: How individuals in organizations respond to competing institutional logics" (AC. Pache, F. Santos), Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Jul 2013, Vol. 39, p. 3‑35
  "La philanthropie familiale en France" (A. Gautier, AC. Pache), La Revue des Deux Mondes, Dec 2012, Vol. 12, Issue 3, p. 28‑37
  "Social entrepreneurs as institutionally embedded entrepreneurs: Towards a new model of social entrepreneurship education" (AC. Pache, I. Chowdhury), Academy of Management Learning and Education, Sep 2012, Issue 11, p. 494‑510
  "Leadership Competencies for Implementing Planned Organizational Change" (J. Battilana, M. Gilmartin, M. Sengul, AC. Pache, J. Alexander), Leadership Quarterly, Jul 2010, Vol. 21, Issue 3, p. 422‑438
  "When Worlds Collide: The Internal Dynamics of Organizational Responses to Conflicting Institutional Demands" (AC. Pache, F. Santos), Academy of Mangement Review, Jul 2010, Vol. 35, Issue 3, p. 455‑476
  "Changer d'échelle : Vers une typologie des stratégies d'expansion géographique des entreprises sociales" (AC. Pache, G. Chalençon), Revue Internationale des Etudes Coopératives, Mutualistes et Associatives (RECMA), Jul 2007, Issue 305

  Families, Firms, and Philanthropy: Shareholder Foundation Responses to Competing Goals. In: Handbook on Corporate Foundations (with J. Bothello, A. Gautier). Cham (Switzerland) : Springer, Lonneke Roza, Steffen Bethmann, Lucas Meijs, Georg von Schnurbein. 2020, p. 63-82
  How do we know when social innovation works? A review and contingency model of social impact assessment. In: Handbook of Inclusive Innovation (with G. Molecke). Glos (UK) : Edward Elgar Publishing, Gerard George, Ted Baker, Paul Tracey, Havovi Joshi. 2019, p. 83-106
  Changer d'Echelle. In: Entreprise(s) et Entrepreneuriat Social(es) (with G. Chalençon). : ABI Editions, Amadio, N. and Collin, P. (eds). 2009

Professional Publications
  Demain le Service Civil. (with L. Sheperd, M. Trellu).  : Village Mondial, 2006

  "Entreprises d'insertion : des entreprises qui se professionnalisent" (AC. Pache), CNEI Mag, Mar 2008
  "Changer d'échelle. Dupliquer les réussites sur de nouveaux territoires: une voie pour développer l'entrepreneuriat social, " (AC. Pache, G. Chalençon), publication hors collection par l'AVISE, May 2006
  "De l'idée au projet: repères pour la création et le développement d'une structure de médiation multiservice" (AC. Pache, G. Chalençon,), Les Cahiers de l'AVISE, Apr 2004

Working papers
  "Nonprofit Roles in For-profit Firms: The Institutionalization of Corporate Philanthropy in France" (A. Gautier, AC. Pache, I. Chowdhury). Essec Research Center, DR‑1319 Nov 13.
  "Giving in France: A Philanthropic Renewal after Decades of Distrust" (A. Gautier, AC. Pache, V. Mossel). Essec Research Center, DR‑1318 Nov 13.
  "Inside the hybrid organization: An organizational level view of responses to conflicting institutional demands" (AC. Pache, F. Santos). Essec Research Center, DR‑11001 Aug 10.

Other Publications
Articles published in conference proceedings
  "Nonprofit roles in forprofit firms: The institutionalization of corporate philanthropy in France", With A. Gautier, I. Chowdhury. In : Best paper proceedings of the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Academy of Management Annual Meeting (Orlando. Orlando (USA) : Academy of Management , 2013
  "The politics of organizational responses to conflicting institutional demands". In : Best Papers Proceedings, 70th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (San Antonio). : Academy of Management, 2011
  "The arts of balancing conflicting institutional demands: The case of social integration enterprises". In : Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management Meeting, Academy of Management Meeting. Montreal : academy of management, 2010
  "Organizational responses to conflicting institutional demands". In : Best papers Proceedings of the Sixty-sixth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Sixty-sixth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. : George T. Solomon (Ed), 2007

Teaching at ESSEC

- Entrepreneuriat Social
- Les enjeux de l'économpie sociale
- Séminaire d'application en Entrepreneuriat Social
- Séminaire de la chaire d' Entrepreneuriat Social
- Developing a Social Business Plan

Executive Education

- MGES - Changer d'échelle
- MGES - Business Plan Social (3 days module)
- IFMO - Accompagner la création d'entreprise (1 day module)

Other Teaching Activities

- MGU, MGES - Mentoring Students on strategic projects

- MGES, Certificat du Fundraising - Jury participant

Awards and Distinctions

Harvard Club of France Fellow (1999)
Harvard Club of Rrance Scholarship (1999-2001)
Arthur Sachs Scholarship for Harvard Kennedy School (1999-2001)
Annette Kate Fellowship for Harvard Kennedy School (2000-2001)

Scientific Activities
Editorial Board Membership
  Journal of Organization Design, Springer

Affiliations and Academic Responsibilities

- Academy of Management

Ad-hoc Reviewer
- Academy of Management Review
- Academy of Management Annual Meeting (OMT division, PNP division)

Doctoral Consortia
- Doctoral Consortium AOM/OMT-ODC-MOC, Anaheim, 2008
- Dissertation proposal workshop AOM/OMT Division, Philadelphia 2007

Professional Experience

2001-2009 - ESSEC Business School

Cofounder and Secretary General of the Social Entrepreneurship Chair
- Mobilized start up funds
- Developed partnerships
- Designeg MBA curriculum in social entrepreneurship (together with Thierry Sibieude)
- Taught MBA and executive courses
- Mentored students

1994-1999 -UNIS-CITE

Co-founder and Co-Director - Non profit organization: youth service corps with 20 permanent staff members and 56 full-time corps members ; Budget: US$ 800 000
- Devised and implemented strategy, business plan and program
- Managed a diverse team of 20 staff members and 56 corps members
- Conceived and implemented budgeting, reporting, accounting, bank relations and financial partnerships
- Coordinated program, logistics and administration
- Conducted external public relations with board, media and partners

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