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Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
General Information Research Areas Publications Other Activities
Ph.D., Columbia University, New York.
Physics Diploma, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich.
Research Areas
Trust, strategic management, alliances, organizational structure.

Academic Publications
  Organization Theory. New York (USA)  : Beazley Publishers, 1994

  "Open ended tasks and time discipline" (G. Van Wijk), Time & Society, Jun 2016, Vol. 25, Issue 2, p. 141‑168
  "Les principes du management des ressources fondées sur le savoir" (R. Wright), Revue Française de Gestion, Sep 1995, Issue 105
  "Strategic Reorientation and Organizational Redesign : The Impact of New Technologies" (G. Van Wijk), International Studies of Management and Organization, Dec 1987, Vol. XVII, Issue 4
  "Aspects de la littérature américaine en management" (C. Koenig), Revue Française de Gestion, Mar 1986, Issue 56-57
  "Competitor's responses to easily imitated new products" (I. Mac Millan, M. Mc Caffery), Strategic Management Journal, Jan 1985

  Organisation et alignement stratégique. In: Stratégies. Paris (France) : Dunod, 2015, p. 297-317 (Textbook)
  Changement stratégique. In: Stratégies. Paris (France) : Dunod, 2015, p. 281-300 (Textbook)
  Ethics, Cynicism and Governance. In: Top Management Teams (with J. Delga). Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire (Royaume Uni) : Palgrave MacMillan, F. Bournois, J. Duval-Hamel, S. Roussillon, J.-L. Scaringella. 2010, p. 688-695
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  Managing Beyond Boundaries: The Dynamics of Trust in Alliances. In: Rethinking Strategy (with C. Koenig). Londres (Grande-Bretagne) : Sage Publications, VOLBERDA H.W., EMFRING T.. 2001
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  Alliances inter-entreprises : le rôle de la confiance. In: Perspectives en management stratégique (with G. Koenig). Paris (France) : Economica, NOEL A.. 1992
  Inter-firm Alliances : The Role of Trust. In: Microeconomic Contributions to Strategic Management (with C. Koenig). Amsterdam (Pays-Bas) : North-Holland, Elsevier, THEPOT J., THIETART R.A.. 1991

Working papers
  "Schedules, calendars and agendas." (G. Van Wijk). Essec Research Center, DR‑3016 May 03.
  "Scientificité du management et de la stratégie" (G. Van Wijk). Essec Research Center, DR‑94025 May 94.
  "La multinationalisation des entreprises françaises" (F. El Ouardighi). Essec Research Center, DR‑92015 Feb 92.
  "Alliances inter-entreprises : le rôle de la confiance" (G. Van Wijk). Essec Research Center, DR‑91031 Nov 91.
  "Interfirm Alliances : The Role of Trust" (C. Koenig). Essec Research Center, DR‑91001 Jan 91.

Other Publications
Articles published in conference proceedings
  "Modern Times". In : Retroscapes and futurescapes - Temporal tensions in organizations, Seminario Internazionale. Terrasini (Italie) : Palazzo d'Aumale, 2006, p. 1-13
  "Evolution of the French Grande Ecole Model". In : Proceedings of the EIASM Workshop on the Process of Reforms in the University Across Europe,. Sienne (Italie) 2004
  "Schedules, Calendars and Agendas". In : ISIDA Palerme,. Palerme (Italie) : In Search of Times, 2003
  "Interorganizational Collaboration : Beyond Contracts", With C. Koenig. In : International Association for Business and Society,. Madison, Wisconsin (USA) : Denis Collins, 1993
  "Séminaire International de Management Stratégique". In : Actes du Séminaire International de Management Stratégique,. Cergy (France) : ESSEC, 1986

Press articles
  "Le management complet". Les Echos, supplément L'Art de la Stratégie, 01 May 2000, p. 2-5
  "Interorganizational Collaboration: Beyond Contracts". 01 Jan 1993

Scientific Activities
Conference Presentations
  "Migration and Coordination: A Global Approach", Annual Conference of the International Trade & Finance Association, , Sarasota, USA, 20 May 2015
  "Open-ended Tasks and Time-discipline", PAN-IIM World Management Conference, , Goa, Inde, 01 Jun 2013
  "Modern Times", Seminario Internazionale, GMA, Terrasini, Italie, 21 Jun 2006
  "Trust and Structure", Action, Structure, and Organizations Workshop, Paris, France, 10 May 1995
  "Interfirm Collaboration : Beyond Contracts", (with C. Koenig). Workshop on Schools of Thought in Strategic Management, Rotterdam, Pays-Bas, 14 Dec 1994
  "Power or Trust : Broadening the Perspective on Collaborative Strategy", (with C. Koenig). 14th Annual International Conference, Jouy-en-Josas, France, 20 Sep 1994
  "The Dynamics of Interfirm Collaboration : Framework and Case-study", (with C. Koenig). IFSAM - International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management, Dallas, Texas, USA, 17 Aug 1994
  "The Management of an International Technological Project", (with C. Koenig). Organizational Capabilities and Internationalization Processes, Paris, France, 01 Nov 1993
  "Alliances and Trust", (with C. Koenig). International Conference on Joint-Ventures and Strategic Alliances, Pennsylvania State, USA, 06 Apr 1992
  "Strategic Alliances : Enlarging the Paradigm", (with C. Koenig). Workshop on Microeconomics/Strategic Management Interface, Bruxelles, Belgique, 01 Nov 1989
  "Co-organisation du Séminaire International de Management Stratégique", (with C. Koenig). Cergy, France, 01 Jun 1987
  "Le cycle de création d'entreprises ESSEC-ENSEA", (with Y. Pesquex). Conférence des Grandes Ecoles - G.E. : contribution des Grandes Ecoles à l'innovation technologique et à la création d'entreprises., Paris, France, 01 May 1987
  "Organizational Consensus-Dissensus at Organizational Boundary", (with J. Pennings). Washington, USA, 01 Aug 1986
"Trust in Structure." SASE Conference, Geneva, July, 1996.

"Trust and Structure." Action, Structure and Organizations Workshop. ESSEC, Warwick, Pennsylvania State, Paris, May, 1995.

"Power or Trust : Broadening the perspective on Collaborative Strategy", with C. Koenig. 14th Annual International Conference, Strategic Management Society, Jouy, September 1994

Affiliations and Academic Responsibilities
Member of the Academy of Management.
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