Jérôme Pouyet
Researcher: CNRS, Economics Department

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Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
General Information Publications
Doctorate, Université de Toulouse, 2001
Academic Publications
  "Marriage Strategy among the European Nobility" (S. Marcassa, J. Pouyet, T. Trégouëtc), Explorations in Economic History, Jan 2020, Vol. 75
  "Contracts for the Management of a Non-Renewable Resource under Asymmetric Information and Structural Price Breaks" (J. Pouyet, D. Martimort, F. Ricci), Annals of Economics and Statistics, Jan 2019, Vol. 132, Issue 1, p. 81‑103
  "Extracting Information or Resource? The Hotelling Rule Revisited under Asymmetric Information" (D. Martimort, J. Pouyet, F. Ricci), RAND Journal of Economics (The)
  "Quel Rôle pour les Acteurs Publics dans l'Incitation Privée aux Investissements ?" (W. Sand, J. Pouyet, B. Jullien), Revue Economique
  "An Offer You Can?t Refuse: Early Contracting with Endogenous Threat" (B. Jullien, J. Pouyet, W. Sand), RAND Journal of Economics (The), Sep 2017, Vol. 48, Issue 3, p. 733‑748
  "Upstream Competition with Vertically Integrated Firms" (M. Bourreau, J. Hombert, J. Pouyet, N. Schutz), Journal of industrial Economics, Dec 2011, Vol. 59, Issue 4, p. 677‑713
  "The Public Management of Environmental Risk: Separating Ex Ante and Ex Post Monitors" (Y. Hiriart, D. Martimort, J. Pouyet), Journal of public Economics, Dec 2010, Vol. 94, Issue 11-12, p. 1008‑1019
  "To Build or Not To Build: Normative and Positive Theories of Public-Private Partnerships" (D. Martimort, J. Pouyet), International Journal of Industrial Organization, Mar 2008, Vol. 26, Issue 2, p. 393‑411
  "Providers? Affiliation, Insurance and Collusion?, 2008, avec J.-M. Bourgeon et P. Picard" (JM. Bourgeon, P. Picard, J. Pouyet), Journal of Banking and Finance, Jan 2008, Vol. 32, Issue 1, p. 170‑186
  "Strategic Choice of Financing Systems in Regulated and Interconnected Industries" (A. Bassanini, J. Pouyet), Journal of Public Economics, Feb 2005, Vol. 89, Issue 2-3, p. 233‑259
  "The Subsidiarity Bias in Regulation" (JJ. Laffont, J. Pouyet), Journal of Public Economics, Jan 2004, Vol. 88, Issue 1-2, p. 255‑283

Working papers
  "Anticompetitive Vertical Mergers Waves" (with J. Hombert, N. Schutz). ESSEC, Oct 17.
  "Drugs, Show-Room and Financial Products: A Theory of Competing Experts," (with D. Bardey, D. Gromb, D. Martimort). ESSEC, Sep 17.
  "Vertical Mergers in Platforms Markets" (with T. Trégouët). ESSEC, Sep 17.

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