ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA: a customized and life-changing experience

ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA: a customized and life-changing experience

Preparing senior executives for challenges of the global, interconnected and digital world

What is your programme’s and school’s approach to executive education and leadership development?

The ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA is a programme that prepares senior executives for challenges of the global, interconnected and digital world, and equips them with a comprehensive set of skills to become the active agents of the future, the bold and influential leaders of tomorrow.

Our programme highlights ethical, social and environmental responsibility as one of the key elements for leading organisations in the years to come.

A variety of programme components are combined into a unique approach that strengthens both the academic and practical dimensions of leadership development.

How would you describe the learning environment (academic, extracurricular, services) at your school?

Thanks to our partnership with Mannheim Business School, our EMBA programme immerses participants in a truly international environment, with around 25 different nationalities present in the programme. With the executive-friendly modular format, classes take place on three different campuses (Paris, Mannheim and Singapore) through five-day modules every six weeks on average.

Our participants can improve their soft skills through various leadership workshops, team building exercises and group coaching sessions.

Participants will also benefit from personal development support, which includes individual coaching sessions and a series of career advancement workshops, combined with networking events. Through our alumni services, participants can connect to more than 70,000 ESSEC and Mannheim Business school alumni worldwide.

How does your programme prepare executives for business leadership in a constantly changing world?

In this programme, two of Europe’s leading business schools joined forces to create a programme that is European in tradition but international in outlook. In addition, with our international residencies in developing countries (currently, China), and in developed ones (United States and Japan), including a module spent at the ESSEC campus in Singapore, our participants are exposed to diametrically opposite ways of doing business on three different continents

In keeping with ESSEC's pioneering spirit, we constantly enrich our programme with a variety of cutting-edge topics, from innovation to technology, including themes around artificial intelligence, business analytics, big data and digital transformation. 

 How would you describe the culture in your EMBA programme?

Our learning principles are based on group work, mutual respect, collaboration and peer interactions. High-achieving professionals from very diverse sectors and different cultural and educational backgrounds are put to work in multi-competency teams, thus creating a rich learning environment based on the exchange of knowledge.

Group interactions are further reinforced through the Strategic Project (one of the cornerstones of our programme), and the Social Class Project (where the class works collectively on a project that contributes to the betterment of society).

How can EMBA participants customise their individual study experience?

Besides the core modules, our participants can customize their learning experience by choosing some of the Advanced Immersion Modules: Digital Business and Disruption from AI, Entrepreneurial Thinking, DNA of German Industry, Advanced Finance and M&As, and many more.

Rather than focusing on the technical aspects, these new topics are designed to deliver the knowledge our EMBA participants need to pioneer successful business transformations. In today's rapidly-changing digital world, it is all about being ready for the new disruption or avoiding being disrupted.

To learn more about the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA programme, click here! 

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