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 Asia’s vibrant economy continues to drive the luxury goods market; its growth potential is spearheaded by China, currently the second largest market for luxury goods, and tipped to become the leading consumer of luxury brands.

The ESSEC Luxury Brand Management Executive Program is designed to keep you on the pulse, providing you with a solid grounding in the concepts and foundations of luxury and premium branding, and the art of delivering luxury experience and luxury service to customers.

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Luxury Brand Management: Luxury Hospitality & Destination Branding and Marketing Strategy 

About the Expert

Mr Denis MorissetMr. Denis MORISSET is an ESSEC Graduate with 20 years of professional experience in the Luxury Industry and was COO of Ralph Lauren Europe, CEO of Pierre Balmain Couture House and CEO of Giorgio Armani France. In 2004, he founded his own consulting company, specializing in Luxury Brand Management and International Luxury Distribution, with a particular focus on emerging luxury markets in Asia, primarily China. He collaborated with international companies on brand extensions & branding issues. He has also advised new brands and designers from emerging markets on their international distribution and retailing strategies.

Since 2004, Denis has been teaching luxury marketing at ESSEC Business School (LVMH Chair at ESSEC Grande Ecole, ESSEC MBA in International Luxury brand management, IMHI (ESSEC Hospitality and Tourism MBA), ESSEC Executive Management programs. He served as the Executive Director of ESSEC MBA in International Luxury Brand Management from 2004 to 2012. 

He also regularly lectures at several Asian universities, in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, and he is often invited to deliver keynote speeches at luxury summits and conferences, particularly in Asia in addition to Brazil, Russia, India, and the Middle East.


“It has been an honor to be part of ESSEC's Executive Program on The Art of Managing Digital Disruptions for Luxury Brands. The specialists involved in the curriculum are brilliant with a great balance between on-the-ground experiences with prestigious Brands and academic backgrounds. I also appreciated the interactions with the other participants and alumni; it was a great occasion to share knowledge and also contacts for future interactions.”

- Emilie Tisserand, Managing Director of MediaKeys Singapore & Participant, The Art of Managing Digital Disruptions for Luxury Brands

Luxury Brand Management: Luxury Hospitality and Destination Branding & Marketing Strategy

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Venue: ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific

The concept of luxury brand management has become increasingly inspirational across different industry sectors. This workshop will give participants an in-depth understanding of the best practices and success factors of luxury brands and most importantly what lessons can be applied in the hotel & tourism industry in terms of luxury branding and luxury service/experience delivery.

The first part will consist of an in-depth analysis of the concept of luxury, the evolving behavior, and expectations of luxury consumers and the foundations of luxury brand management. The largest part will focus on the luxury hospitality & luxury tourism sector and will give the participants a mix of tools and tips to strengthen their marketing strategies but also enhance operationally the perceived value or dream factors of their activity, in particular in terms of luxury branding and luxury guest experience.

Topics covered include:

  • Brand DNA & codes to enhance uniqueness and differentiation

  • Brand architecture revisited-Lifestyle hotel brands and hotel collections

  • From destination branding to luxury destination marketing

Who should attend?

  • Investors & owners of luxury hotels and resorts

  • DMO’s

  • Marketing directors or managers of luxury hotel groups

  • Senior operational managers of luxury hotels in charge of rooms, F&B, spas, etc.

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Luxury Brand Management: Luxury Retail Management in the Digital Age

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Venue: ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific

Most luxury and premium brands have focused on integrating their distribution by developing a mix of directly operated retail stores and branded wholesale agreements with selected partners. In recent years, this integrated retail strategy has been disrupted by the digital revolution and the development of E-commerce, mobile and social commerce. This course, which benefits from the most recent research on the development of OMNI retail channel mindset will revisit the most important success factors of luxury retail management at the age of internet and how luxury and premium brands should secure their investments in retail.

Key benefits

  • Discover the evolution of traditional retail for luxury and premium brands

  • Understand how technology, E, M & S commerce can usefully complement brick and mortar stores

  • Learn how brands should start to remove silos inside the organization in order to better involve off-line stores staff in the development of a real Omni retail mindset

Who should attend?

  • Executives and managers working in the luxury retail industry

  • Middle and senior retail management

  • Brand managers, merchandising and retail directors

  • Marketing and commercial directors

  • Brand owners

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Luxury Brand Management: The Art of Collaborations in the Luxury and Premium Industry

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Venue: ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific

In the last 25 years, luxury and premium brands have learned to better control and communicate their brand DNA and codes, increase the consistency of their brand architecture and brand expressions across product categories and regions, increase their control on distribution and retailing to get closer to their consumers and develop consumer’s knowledge.

But more recently, we have seen a growing number of brand collaborations initiatives at large, from co-branding to marketing alliances and distribution partnerships, between different categories of companies and actors, which do not only relate to small brands but are also often used by big and famous luxury brands.

This innovative course will help participants understand better this new branding phenomenon and learn how to leverage more effectively on collaborations at large.

Key benefits

  • Differentiate between different types of collaborations and the different objectives and benefits of these collaborations

  • Learn how to assess the relevance of collaborations

  • Find a unique bank of ideas and inspirations to better leverage on collaborations in the future in your own organizations through a 360° analysis of best and worse practices

  • Open your minds to thinking about collaborations at the digital age in a different and innovative way

Who should attend?

  • Marketing and commercial executives working in the luxury and premium industry

  • Brand owners or CEO’s, middle and senior marketing and business development managers

  • Brand managers and commercial directors

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ESSEC | CPE Registration number 200511927D | Period of registration: 30 June 2017 - 29 June 2023
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