A plethora of opportunities and collaborative learning – The Junior Consultant Experience (JCE) in ESSEC Asia-Pacific



Exclusive to ESSEC’s Asia-Pacific campus in Singapore, the Master in Management cohort gets the opportunity to integrate academic courses in the first trimester with practical exposure to business consultancy via the JCE module. The first two phases of the JCE journey requires students to fulfil a consultancy role for a multinational corporation (MNC) and a non-profit organization respectively by developing innovative solutions to a real business problem that these entities face. In the final phase, students are required to create a product or service that will benefit the ESSEC Asia-Pacific community, while upholding sustainability and responsibility as core values of the module.

Recalling from my personal experience, I had initial concerns about having to undertake the JCE online. To my surprise, the administrative team at ESSEC made great efforts to deliver a seamless experience. It was only a matter of a few weeks before my cohort was on campus to attend the sessions in person with proper protective measures in place. Despite the social distancing measures and dual teaching experience, I felt that I have thoroughly benefitted from the JCE experience and have no regrets about the blended format.

The JCE has proven to be a wonderful experience for me as it ignited my career interest in business/ management consulting. Having no prior relevant experience in this field, the JCE proved to be a litmus test and an eye-opener of what to expect in a consulting job. It was a great opportunity for me to interact with professionals in a diverse setting through the 3 months and help solve problems that the companies were facing. This exposure gave me a peek into what the future has in store for me. More importantly, I was grateful for having this opportunity early in my studies so that I could make an informed decision about my career path.

My JCE experience has taught me several skills that I could apply to my future endeavors. I learned the importance of using industry parallels to develop new innovative solutions. It is important to not just restrict research to the industry in focus but to look into related or similar industries to seek leverage for solutions. I also realized the importance of developing easy, practical solutions that have the potential of creating a large impact. Another very important skill that I acquired through the JCE was the art of making a strong pitch to convince the jury about the value of my innovation to the intended target audience, coupled with a persuasive call to action.

Several such skills along with a lot of fruitful interaction and team building have made my experience wholesome. I strongly believe that a dynamic ESSEC curriculum, the JCE provides skills that are synergistic to its goal of developing leaders.



Yesho Vardhan Gupta
Master in Management Student Cohort 2021/2022



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