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How ESSEC’s Master in Strategy & Management of International Business(SMIB) can be the springboard to your career goals

Mental agility and strong management foundations are the lynchpins for international business success. As the world becomes increasingly connected, businesses must transcend cultures and forge social excellence. This means that managers of the most exceptional organisations must constantly tackle a broad range of management issues to keep ahead of the rapidly changing economic and social environments.

Learning to do so requires a sharp, succinct pedagogy that arms managers with an agile mastery of international business skills. This is exactly what ESSEC’s Master in Strategy & Management of International Business (SMIB) program provides. 

A six to seven-month program, ESSEC’s SMIB is one of the most expeditious of its kind, allowing students to take minimal time off work. “In terms of studying, it all happens in a very intense and short period of time,” said the program’s academic director Dr Anne-Flore Maman Larraufie. “So there’s a pragmatic approach to the skills students want to acquire. Within six months of the program, students are back on the job market.”


A truly international experience, SMIB courses take place on ESSEC’s campuses in France, Singapore or Morocco, or through exclusive international academic partnerships in Canada, Mexico, Russia and the United States. Students are offered a range of fundamental, core, specialised and elective courses and seminars to tailor the program to their career goals. These cover all sectors of activity, from consumer goods to services and high-tech products.

The pedagogy is anchored in a case-based approach, presenting students with international business situations. They learn through a wide range of methods that include lectures, case studies, interactive seminars, field work and projects.

Every cohort is made up of students from all over the world, adding invaluable cultural and academic diversity to the learning process. “Because there are so many nationalities in one classroom, the learning is not just scientific — students receive a lot more stimulation through the diverse insights, perspectives and approaches,” explained Dr Maman Larraufie.   

Simply put, the SMIB provides not only a solid base in economics and management, it also teaches students how to implement those skills in complex, international situations while using cultural diversity as a tool to imagine innovative solutions. Thanks to these skill sets, ESSEC graduates embark on their careers armed and ready to shape the strategic direction of some of the world’s top firms and organisations. 

Design your own career

 “The SMIB is great for people who want to reposition their career. For example, you may want to pivot from engineering to project management, or from a technical vocation to business. It’s like a springboard that gives people a career boost in the direction they want,” said Dr Maman Larraufie.

Students choose a specific track before the start of the program, such as Managing Digital Transformation and Innovation, International Trade and Investment, or Doing Business In Asia. Each program is designed so that students get everything they need for full competency in that area.

Although SMIB cohorts can be large, Dr Maman Larraufie makes it a point to spend individual time with each student, discussing their career goals and refining their tracks to suit those goals. “This one-on-one time is important to me because I am an alumnus of this program and I understand what it feels to be in the students’ position. I want them to feel like family so they can discuss any doubts about the tracks they have chosen,” said Dr Maman Larraufie.

 Beyond academics, ESSEC provides career orientation and support for students. This comes in the form of personal development coaching, designed to help students capitalize on their skills and experience so that they are conscious of their assets. Career Services also organizes individual counselling, workshops, mock interviews, conferences and opportunities to meet with executive search consultants, industry leaders, CEOs and HR directors.

 The results of the program speak for themselves. 100 percent of ESSEC SMIB graduates find management positions in various industry sectors across the world, while 70 percent find a job even before graduation.


"Prior to studying in ESSEC, I pursued a career in hospitality and have 4 years of experience in the industry, with my last position being a sales manager. I chose to do my post graduate studies in ESSEC with the thought of switching industries, preferably to the luxury industry. In ESSEC, I was exposed to career talks and fairs, as well as company visits to allow me to gain more insight about the industry. I also had a mentor, who was working in the luxury industry to answer the questions I had towards the industry. At the end of my academic year, I’ve also successfully gotten an internship as a Merchandising Assistant in Louis Vuitton and I am enjoying my role there now."

Amanda Eu
Cohort 2017



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