A truly international master in management that connects you to the world


ESSEC’s Master in Management provides the opportunity to connect with diverse industries, design your own course and learn far beyond the classroom

When it comes to a Master in Management, ESSEC’s Grande Ecole program is amongst the most prestigious in the world. It ranks third in Financial Times’ worldwide rankings for MIM in 2019, while ESSEC was named the number one business school in France for academic excellence by L’Etudiant in 2019.

More than that, ESSEC’s MIM is a pioneer program that allows students to design their own learning paths towards reaching their goal of being the next generation of responsible thought leaders.  

Offered in ESSEC’s Asia-Pacific campus in Singapore, the program is designed around three pillars: Innovation Entrepreneurship & Sustainability; Business Management in Asia; and Finance. “The first is relevant for many reasons,” explained Associate Academic Director of MIM ESSEC Asia-Pacific, Prof Xavier Pavie. “Singapore and the rest of Asia are focused on innovation, yet we have to be mindful of caring for the planet, so innovation and sustainability come together.”  

Business Management in Asia equips students with the knowhow of doing business in Asia from management, cultural, historical and geopolitical  aspects so that they can drive business growth within the region. Meanwhile, Corporate Finance is irrefutably relevant given Singapore’s position as a major financial hub.

Prof Pavie sharing at MIM Induction  

 A truly international program

Students can begin their program in ESSEC’s France or Singapore campuses. At the latter, the program begins with refresher courses that are integrated with hands-on business consultancy experience with firms operating within Asia.


“The uniqueness of starting in Singapore is that the cohort is smaller and focused on a learning-by-doing approach,” said Prof Pavie. “For instance, our last batch of students worked for Unilever for a month, then for two NGOs based in Cambodia. We later went to Cambodia where they presented their work to the NGOs. This is a pedagogical experience that we would not be able to execute in France where the cohort is made up of more than 100 students.”


The Singapore cohort, comprising numerous nationalities, is itself a gateway to international experience. “I often tell prospects that Singapore is an Asian country, but also an international one where expats from all over the world are based. So the exposure you get in Singapore is important,” he added.

The flexibility to earn while you learn

Nicole Ngoc Dao chose to do her MIM at ESSEC’s French campus as she was looking to experience life beyond Southeast Asia. She was also attracted to the program’s flexibility and the opportunity to meet industry experts who are part of ESSEC’s wide network of alumni around the world.

“Academically, you are more flexible because you don’t have to stay in school for the first year. I started my course in the fall of 2016 and started my first internship at Allianz Partners in March 2017,” she said.

Studying in a country whose language she did not speak was difficult at first, but the cultural immersion helped her pick it up quickly. “That first year I was demotivated. It was hard to take care of myself because everyday tasks like buying food from the supermarket were difficult, let alone interviews with potential employers. But it’s about perseverance. It’s a great program if you are determined. It has paid off professionally and financially for me,” added Nicole who recently landed a job at KPMG France as a Consultant in its Special Situations Group. 

Nicole at a networking session


Connecting with opportunities around the world

ESSEC MIM students can design their own curriculum by choosing from 47 specializations, 17 double-degrees, 105 exchange university partners and over 200 electives, based on their interests and career plans. Academics aside, ESSEC emphasises qualities such as creativity, risk-taking and humanism. “We want to ensure our students can be professional but also take care of each other, our planet and our eco-system,” said Prof Pavie.


Activities like Imagination Week — a seminar that combines expert conferences and workshops — encourage students to consider and imagine the future, thus cultivating the visionary leader in them. Two on-campus incubators support students keen on creating their own businesses, further emphasising the school’s unique pioneering spirit.


“We always find ways to make sure the experience at ESSEC isn’t just about the classroom,” affirmed Prof Pavie. “What’s important is making strong links with the ESSEC community.” 

Indeed, ESSEC’S powerful alumni network comprises 55,000 members who occupy leadership positions in nearly every sector, function and country in the world. “They help mentor our students and provide them with invaluable opportunities. At the same time, students forge strong ties with their classmates and form their own part of the community. This too becomes a network for them when they leave.”

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