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The bi-campus nature of ESSEC Business School’s flagship programmes means more opportunities for its students

Nur Syahiidah Zainal
Aug 12, 2018

When aspiring banker Megan Noelle Chew (below left) wanted to hone her technical skills and deepen her knowledge in finance, she chose ESSEC Business School’s Advanced Masters in Financial Engineering (now known as Master in Finance, or MiF, programme).

“It is highly reputable and technically challenging. ESSEC’s flagship programmes are top-ranked and provide superior qualification, and are highly respected and recognised in France and Europe,” she says.

The MiF was ranked third worldwide by the Financial Times last year, while its Master in Management (MiM) programme came in fifth.

Ms Chew, 26, enjoyed the interactive classes and appreciated her lecturers’ willingness to address queries, even outside lessons. She also liked how her internships prepared her for the workplace.

A four-month internship with Barclays led to her current job with the bank as an investment banking analyst.

ESSEC’s unique bi-campus programmes are conducted on both the France and Asia-Pacific (Singapore) campuses. For MiF, students can choose to start at either campus in the first term and opt to do the remaining terms in the other campus.

This allowed Ms Chew to enjoy industry exposure and opportunities in both the European and Asian markets, while being inspired by the diverse student body.

Fellow student Leela Ganesh (above left), 23, currently pursuing the MiM programme, also chose ESSEC for its reputation as a leading business school in Europe.

She says: “I wanted to build my international business skills and grow alongside a diverse student body and strong alumni network.”

She adds: “The programme offers unparalleled flexibility, with each student undergoing a unique curriculum. It is an advantage for individuals who are extremely keen to explore and delve into new areas of interest.”

The bi-campus programme was also a valuable experience, and gave her the chance to learn alongside students from different backgrounds, which cultivated her cross-cultural intelligence.

This article was first published in The Straits Times on Aug 12, 2018. 


ESSEC Master in Finance ranked #1 in Asia by Financial Times

Career-oriented and internationally focused, the ESSEC Master in Finance, ranked 1st in Asia and 5th worldwide by the Financial Times in 2018, is designed to offer a top-quality education to high potential students intending to pursue a career in corporate finance, financial markets and asset management.

The bi-campus program has a strong international dimension that teaches you to adapt to a multicultural environment, addressing multinational issues while providing exposure to both Europe and Asia. Combined with a strong career services support, partnerships with major financial institutions and an extensive alumni network, the ESSEC Master in Finance provides you a global approach to finance with a strong emphasis on the underlying skills necessary to operate in today’s financial professions.

ESSEC Master in Management ranked #1 in Asia by Financial Times

ESSEC Business School's flagship program, the Master in Management is recognized as one of the best in world, ranked 1st in Asia and 4th worldwide by the Financial Times in 2018. Taught entirely in English, it is a highly flexible program that enables you to design your own learning path, becomes an entrepreneur of your own learning journey, tapping into any of the program’s more than 45 specialization tracks offered on our campuses in France or in Singapore
With its unparalleled global and industry exposure, integrated professional experience, personalized curriculum and powerful alumni network, the Master in Management is the best accelerator for your journey to becoming a responsible leader, adept at navigating an increasingly complex and constantly changing world.

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